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OOIDA’s Call to Action
The next level of commitment

Since its inception nearly 40 years ago, OOIDA has been firmly committed to getting the word out on important legislative issues affecting professional drivers.

Through the years, the method of informing truckers has gone through quite a transformation. For too long truckers were limited to “snail” mail and hit-and-miss phone calls.

Now, through the benefit of the Internet, email, satellite radio and social media, OOIDA has the capability to relay info quickly to truckers about important issues. Land Line Magazine produces daily news online for OOIDA’s websites, “Land Line Now” has a show that broadcasts twice daily on Sirius XM, and OOIDA taps on its vast e-directory frequently for instant Call to Action blasts.

OOIDA’s Call to Action Team closely tracks hot-button issues being discussed in Washington, DC, in state legislatures and in communities throughout the country.

If you are not already among the 70,000 truckers dialed in to daily legislative happenings, it is time you answered the call.

You do not have to be a member of OOIDA to be on its Call to Action Team. Land Line readers and others in the trucking industry are welcome to join.

It’s as simple as calling OOIDA’s offices, or emailing, and asking to be added to the Call to Action contact list. Team members with email will receive the most current updates on critical issues.

After receiving your alert, it is essential you call your elected official(s). Contact information will be provided and you can visit their office(s) for a face-to-face conversation or, when possible, attend a meeting where they are present for discussion.

You will be contacted only when an extremely important issue arises.

It’s up to you to join the team and help make a difference. Contact OOIDA’s Angel Burnell at 800-444-5791, Ext. 1600, or email to get connected.