On the MeRV: Medical RV is back on the road with a new look

By Charlie Morasch, staff writer

OOIDA Senior Member and MeRV pilot Jon Osburn hit the road with the revamped Medical Resource Vehicle on May 10. Much of the RV now pops with a bright margarita green, along with a rolling hill of bright orange. The new scheme, created by Chilton Signs and Designs in Dundee, FL, replaces a quieter white paint job with blue lettering.

“When you see this thing, you’ve been MeRV’d,” said Osburn, who is also an emergency medical tech and paramedic.

The MeRV is owned by Ohio-based Boardman Medical Supply. Boardman Vice-President and co-owner Robin S. Ivany told Land Line Magazine in April that the MeRV would continue to promote health and education for truck drivers by stopping at truck stops and truck shows.

Dr. John McElligott, several respiratory specialists, registered nurses and other medical workers will be on standby to help diagnose truck drivers for a variety of illnesses and health issues, Osburn said.

Osburn said he also plans to help direct drivers for additional treatment when needed.

“I have an app on my smartphone that can tell someone the five closest doctors anywhere,” Osburn said.

The MeRV’s new look, Osburn said, should be easy for truckers to spot during the next year. Its bright new paint job should be easy to recognize for another reason: Its back end is covered in reflective stripes.

“Nobody will use their high beams on me because it will blind them,” Osburn said. “‘Say no to cheap freight’ will be burned into their retina.” LL