By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter

Toll road proposals are like dandelions. You Weed-B-Gon one of them and another pops up.

In Texas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and a lot of other places, the locals have had varying degrees of success in uprooting toll road plans – killing off a dandelion or two.

Texans had the most success – killing off the vast, multibillion-dollar network of privately operated toll roads that Gov. Rick Perry wanted built.

But in our nation’s capital, a study that would create the Mother of All Toll Road concepts is percolating in the background, not yet fully emerged – like a whole field of dandelions not yet blossomed. It’s currently in the form of a “planner’s plan.” 

The concept: Create more than 1,600 miles of toll roads, spend $51 billion to add new toll lanes, charge up to $2 a mile during peak hours, and siphon off much of the toll revenue to pay for public transit projects.

Now would that be one huge patch of dandelions or what? If this harebrained idea blossoms, it’s going to take more than a few squirts of Weed-B-Gon to kill it off.

But we better start squirtin’ because I predict that if Washington, DC, actually turns itself into a vast toll road network, the floodgates will open and other major cities will do the same.

And the dandelion will become our national flower. LL