Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton
Land Line Now senior correspondent

OOIDA Life Members Kenneth and Lesley Lightner of Hillsboro, OH, would like to offer up some ROSES to Rory Ryan, publisher of the Highland County Press, their hometown newspaper.

Ryan wrote an op-ed piece titled “Appreciating the American trucker” in which he detailed his admiration of truckers and all things trucking. He started out writing about trucking songs and TV shows like “Ice Road Truckers,” and halfway through the article praises the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

He recounted the time, some 30 years ago, when he saw protesting truck drivers shut down Interstate 65 in Kentucky. He said at the time he remembered thinking, “If we tick off the American truck driver – en masse – Lord help us.”

Ryan went on to say that people need to offer their support to the truck drivers, whether it’s in legislation or by simply extending a little highway courtesy.

With an attitude like that, Mr. Ryan, we don’t think you have to worry about any ticked-off truck drivers any time soon.

OOIDA Life Member Bonnie Berscheid of Sioux Falls, SD, would like to send first some RAZZBERRIES, followed by some ROSES.

The RAZZBERRIES go to a fellow truck driver Bonnie encountered in Minnesota not long ago who was, in her words, “chewing my back door off.” Once the highway got to four lanes, the driver flew around Bonnie’s truck so fast that he didn’t even get a half a mile ahead of her before blowing a tire.

Bonnie tried to slow down and get out of the way, but she was surrounded by traffic and unable to move. A piece of rubber from the tire got caught up in her truck and cut an air line. Bonnie stopped, as did the other driver, but only long enough to watch Bonnie get under her truck to see what was wrong. Then he got back in his truck and left. Nice guy.

The ROSE is for the officer from the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department who stopped to help her. He stayed with her and made calls to local shops to help find someone to fix it, even going so far as to get under the truck, take pictures of the hose with his phone, and send them to the shops to see if they could fix it.

Why are we suddenly reminded of those long-running Goofus and Gallant cartoons from Highlights, the children’s magazine? And it’s pretty obvious who is who in this case.

OOIDA Member Charlie Thurman of Long Beach, CA, would like to give a big bouquet of ROSES to the LensCrafters in El Paso, TX.

Charlie, who has a special condition in which his eyes cannot tolerate light, needs a very specific eyeglass prescription for that condition. So when he broke his glasses on the road awhile back, he figured he was out of luck.

But the folks at LensCrafters had other ideas. They sent someone out to get the specific lenses that Charlie needed and even had the person who makes them stay long after closing time to finish them up. They let Charlie stay in the store until they were done and didn’t charge him anything beyond the normal price.

Charlie may not be able to see the light, but the good folks at LensCrafters sure do.

A big bunch of RAZZBERRIES goes out to for a line they included in their coverage of a story involving Tiger Woods.

As if he hadn’t done enough already, Tiger embarrassed himself yet again at the British Open this year when a mic that was left on caught him unleashing some foul language after missing a putt.

The NBC Miami story started with the line, “He may have the heart of a champion, but Tiger has the mouth of a trucker.”

Really, NBC? Anybody who has ever played a round of golf will tell you that you’ll hear more foul language on the links than at any truck stop you could think of.

So if anything, Tiger has the mouth of, well, your average golfer. LL