Cover Story
Chasing the cutting edge
Key-off technology has developed at warp speed. As idling restrictions continue to go viral, what cutting-edge technology will walk the line between meeting the needs of the driver and protecting the environment?

Back in the day, living a key-off life was an advantage, a way to shave off those extra precious cents per mile. Forward thinkers of decades past found a way to have a competitive edge. Today, it’s up to those same forward thinkers to continue to advance technology to meet the needs of key-off living.

Will the imaginations of the next generation be able to discover solutions for achieving that delicate balance between preserving human health, comfort and the environment?

As with anything else, it seems, only time will tell ...

This special section was compiled by the Land Line staff with contributions from Staff Writer Charlie Morasch, Staff Writer Clarissa Kell-Holland, Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson and Contributing Writer Jeff Barker.

It was produced by Senior Editor Jami Jones with editing contributions from Managing Editor Sandi Soendker and Copy Editor Elizabeth Andersen. Special thanks to Art Director Debbie Johnson.