Walk this way
Not only does OOIDA have an open-door policy, but you can also get your own personal tour guide, an office suite for business and a cup of coffee to boot. Come on in.

By Kerry Evans-Spillman
Land Line staff


Hundreds of truckers drive past the three-story office building on the south side of I-70, just off Exit 24 in Grain Valley, MO, every day and most of them instantly know what the big white letters on the side represent.

But how many know what really goes on inside OOIDA’s national headquarters?

Just ask Member Liaison Sheri Shepherd. She acts as tour guide and secretary for members visiting OOIDA.

If you’ve never taken a tour of HQ, what are you waiting for? Visit us 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sheri will tell you how the Association began and show you news clippings and photos of members who were there in 1973 when this all started. She will take you around to all of our different departments and tell you not only who we are but what we do to fight for your rights as a trucker.

You might even bump into the Truck Agent who helped set up your policy or the receptionist who connects you with your favorite customer service rep. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet the staff of Land Line Magazine and see the Land Line Now studio. Jim and Todd have an open-door policy, and when they’re available they welcome the chance to talk to touring members.

Is your visit strictly business? No problem. Sheri will provide you with a private office suite where associates from various departments can come meet with you face to face to take care of your trucking business needs. If you need to make copies or send a fax, Sheri is only a phone call away. Think of her as your OOIDA concierge.

Next time you cruise by the OOIDA headquarters in Grain Valley, stop by. There’s plenty of truck parking and hot coffee and 279 people who are looking forward to meeting you. LL