Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton
Land Line Now senior correspondent


OOIDA member Kelly Briggs of Lake City, FL, offers up some ROSES for Tom Nehl Trucking Co. of Jacksonville, FL.

Kelly and her husband, Randy, took their truck to Tom Nehl for a complete in-frame motor rebuild and were very happy with the way they were treated by Chris, Brian and Rick at the Lake City location.

Kelly said they kept her and Randy informed throughout the whole process, and she was especially happy with how fast the work was done. She said the men completed the work three days ahead of the estimate they originally gave.

Speaking from the experience of having cars at repair shops several days, even weeks, beyond the original estimate, three days ahead on a complete motor rebuild is nothing to sneeze at. So a bouquet of ROSES to the truck techs at Tom Nehl Trucking.

ROSES to Cliff Stockton, a truck driver who helped save a little girl who had been taken by her non-custodial grandmother. Police in Missouri issued an Amber Alert for the missing toddler with the license plate number of the car she was in.

That number stuck in Cliff’s head, and he spotted the car at a truck stop near Columbia, MO. He notified police, then kept an eye on the car to make sure it wasn’t going to leave before they got there. The police arrived quickly, rescued the girl, and took the grandmother into custody.

Don’t know about you, but we just can’t get enough of stories like this that show the positive side of the trucking industry.

Kim Weinrich of Oklahoma City sends out, in her words, a bazillion ROSES to Lori Ketner, who works at the Flying J in Rawlins, WY.

Kim says that on a recent trip through the area, her husband was not feeling well at the Flying J and ended up being admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Kim wanted to thank Lori for having a caring spirit, going so far as to take Kim’s  husband to the ER herself.

Kim also sends a shout-out to the folks at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County for taking such good care of her husband and giving him a ride back to his truck when he was released.

People actually helping truckers. Will wonders never cease? We certainly hope not.

Here are some ROSES for OOIDA member Joe Williams of Bushnell, FL, from a Land Line reader who only identified himself as “a friendly truck driver.”

 “Friendly” said that Joe found a wallet belonging to a friend of his who lost it during a stop at the Flying J in Carlisle, PA. Joe found the wallet, took it home and mailed it to her, with all of its contents intact.

Our truck driver friend said, “You just don’t find good people like that anymore.”

We think he’s wrong, and Joe is living proof of that. Good people are still out there, no matter how few and far between they may be.

OOIDA member David Foster of Joplin, MO, wants to send some department store-bought RAZZBERRIES to some folks he had to deal with recently at a Macy’s distribution center in Connecticut.

David says he pulled in to deliver a load there one Friday afternoon and was told that the center did not receive any loads on Friday afternoons and that he’d have to come back on Monday.

That was an understandable miscommunication, but what happened next was something else.

Both the guard at the gate and a manager from inside the distribution center refused to let David come inside the gate and turn around. Instead they insisted that he back his truck out onto a busy street and even went so far as to threaten to call the police if he didn’t move.

According to David, he finally received an order from his dispatcher to take the truck to another location, but before he could back out and turn around, a police cruiser pulled up and blocked his way.

The police told him he needed to turn around and go, but when David asked if he should back onto the street, common sense finally kicked in and the cops made the guard open the gate and let him turn around.

This is what happens when going by the book means ignoring common sense. Maybe next time, the folks at Macy’s would be nicer if David made his delivery in a giant Charlie Brown balloon. LL


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