Paul’s picks from TMC
From the spring meeting of the Technology & Maitenance Council, Senior Technical Editor Paul Abelson highlights some products he found magworthy.

Freight Wing’s
(freightwing.com, 866-464-9460) EPA Certified SmartWay Belly Fairings are made of a flexible elastomer to resist impact and abrasion damage while improving aerodynamics. They are available through Utility trailers.

When absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries made idle-reduction devices without generators practical, they were quickly accepted for their quiet operation and operating economy. They were generally limited to 10 hours continuous operation – enough for an evening’s rest, but well short of the needs of a 34-hour restart. Bergstrom (nitesystem.com,
1-866-204-8570) and Kohler announced a 4.7 horsepower dedicated generator that produces 110 amps. Using an isolator, the Kohler can charge the Bergstrom NITE Plus System’s four AGM batteries or the truck’s starting batteries, using less than
0.1 gallons of diesel per hour. CARB certified, the NITE Plus is comparable in size and weight to a full-size APU.

Laydon Composites
(laydoncomp.com, 1-905-829-9200) has introduced its Trailer Skirt package and nose fairings that also meet CARB’s AB32 requirements.

(atdynamics.com, 888-283-8245) specializes in aerodynamic devices for trailers. Trailer aerodynamics has the greatest potential to improve overall operating economy. ATD’s TrailerTail and side skirts each meet SmartWay and CARB requirements for trailers. Each offers more than 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency and more than 10 percent combined. ATD also introduced WheelShield, flush aerodynamic covers for drive and trailer wheels.

Fontaine Trailer
(fontainetrailer.com, 800-821-6535) announced two new flatbed trailers that use friction-stir welding of aluminum extrusions to lower weight, improve aerodynamics, and eliminate more than 2000 parts used to manufacture traditional trailers. With the new design, I-beam cross-members, wiring braces and more than 1,400 screws are no longer needed. The all-aluminum Fontaine Revolution and steel-and-aluminum Revolution H weigh 8,000 and 9,000 pounds respectively, compared with 10,000 pounds for traditional flatbed trailers. The new Fontaine trailers incorporate a new LED lighting system from Grote, which reduces total parts by 60 percent, moves connections to the center of the trailer, and carries a 10-year system warranty.