Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton


A  ROSE to United Van Lines driver William Scott Miller of Frankfort, KY.

Miller, who went by Scott, was the truck driver who was shot and killed by a rampaging shooter in Dallas in late December 2008. Scott was at the tail end of a trip and was getting ready to drop his rig and fly home to his wife and kids for Christmas.

He was hailed as a hero because after he was shot while in the cab of his truck, he was somehow still able to bring the truck to a safe stop before anyone else could be hurt. It is beyond horrible that he had to die that way, but thanks to his actions, no other innocent bystanders were hurt. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this amazing truck driver.

Some ROSES go out to Hallmark and the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV specials.

Colin Heupel of Commerce City, CO, sends these out for a recent special that aired on CBS called “Front of the Class.” The story was about a boy who was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome who went on to become a teacher.

One of the characters was a female truck driver named “Miss Maxine,” who was part of a Trucker Buddy-type program. She becomes his friend, and he uses her truck driving to help teach his class geography.

Colin says it was a very positive, heartwarming portrayal of a truck driver and offers a pat on the back to Hallmark for giving us something we see all too rarely in today’s media. 

So thanks, Hallmark, for caring enough to show the very best of the trucking industry.

Here’s a combination ROSE and RAZZBERRY from Land Line reader Cynthia Reyer on behalf of truck driver Harry Robertson, who died while on the truck.

Harry, who was from Columbia, MS, was killed in an accident not long ago in Iowa when he suffered a heart attack and drove his truck into the median along the highway. He was found by several passers-by who stopped to help and called the police. The ROSES are for those who stopped to help.

Meanwhile, Cynthia says the company Harry was leased to never sent his family a card or flowers and was even reluctant to send his final paycheck. Cynthia says they even refused to help her get his truck home from Cedar Rapids to Mississippi.

That, of course, is where the RAZZBERRIES come in. Cynthia didn’t name the company, but if anyone who works there is reading this, I’m sure they know who they are. It’s bad enough the way some companies treat drivers in life, but do they have to do it in death, too?

Here’s a better late than never ROSE to everyone who participated in OOIDA’s Truckers for Troops Telethon back in December.

In spite of the horrible economic woes that we’re all suffering through, truck drivers were able to come together and donate enough money that, with OOIDA’s matching donations, we raised more than $54,000 to send care packages to our troops stationed overseas.

Just for the record, that’s $12,000 more than was raised last year. By the time you read this, the first of those packages should be on their way to the troops, and thanks to your generosity, we should be able to keep sending them for a good chunk of the rest of the year.

Somehow, thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but we’ll go ahead and say it anyway.

How about a morally bankrupt bushel of RAZZBERRIES for former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich?

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, if you’re the governor of a state whose last governor went to jail, and people are still shocked at your behavior, then you might be a corrupt politician. LL


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