Line One
Runnin’ in the wild, wild West
Remember Burma Shave signs and Green Stamps?

After finding a load in Greeley going back to Idaho, I headed north on 287. There used to be a coffee stop at Virginia Dale. Now we just whiz on by to Laramie, WY. I remember the old Diamond Horseshoe truck stop was a good place to stop for a shower and good meal and to catch some z’s.    Early next morning I would start across Wyoming on Highway 30. We had to go through Medicine Bow, as the freeway over Elk Mountain was not there then.

Just west of Rawlins was the old Gay Johnson’s truck stop – one of the better stops back then. They gave out Green Stamps when you fueled – like a lot of other fuel stops. If you saved them, you could fill up a whole bunch of books in a year’s time. The full books could be traded in for a lot of things; the more books the better the trade.

From Rawlins to Rock Springs, most of the freeway had been completed, and those big old trucks from Monfort were passing everyone, which is how we got the name Monfort lane. Speaking of Rock Springs, I recall the old Husky Truck Stop there. There used to be a lot of them, also the Union 76 truck stops. Like the rest of us old truckers they have faded away.

Some of the old truck companies have gone by the wayside also. I remember some of them like Ashworth, J. H. Rose, IT, Roadrunner, C&H, Shoemaker just to mention a few. We all crossed paths at Jubitz one time or another. Now we just recall memories. 

As we drove mile after mile on those old highways, it was always fun to come across the Burma Shave signs. As we didn’t have CBs then, we had a language all of our own. Blink the lights twice meant there was a speed cop a little ways back down the road. Wave your logbook in the window meant the ICC was checking at the next scale. And if a truck was stopped on the side of the road and the driver was working on whatever, you stopped and helped, no big deal. The younger truckers of today don’t know what they are missing.

Well, it’s time to take old 30N on to Cokeville and the Ida line. If I keep right after it I can make American Falls in time for supper and a few z’s. LL