Line One
Roses & Razzberries

By Terry Scruton
Land Line Now senior correspondent


OOIDA member Danny Schnautz of Pasadena, TX, would like to send out a bunch of ROSES to the Port of Beaumont’s military cargo facility.

In the driver’s room, a sign has been posted, written by one SFC Juan C. Rivera, U.S. Army, retired.

I’ll just let Rivera’s words speak for themselves:

The American truck drivers are the lifelines on the highways and byways of the United States of America. They provide the services and resources that carry and move the quality of life that fuels the United States. It’s an identifying and distinctive characteristic to a strong America, which continues to strive and be strong.

The United States Army also appreciates the professional, dedicated services that the American truck drivers provide, and says “Thank you very much for a job well done!!!” “Thank you” also for carrying and moving America’s best and finest instruments, vehicles, and tools of freedom used as our first line of defense in our homeland and across the world in countries that hunger for freedom. Signed, SFC Juan C. Rivera, US Army, Retired.

Thank you, Sgt. Rivera, for your heartfelt words and your service to your country.

We’ve gotten a lot of calls asking for RAZZBERRIES to the FBI for a report linking serial killers and truck drivers. The report was all over the media who, in their usual, quiet, reserved fashion, did everything just short of plastering bloody trucks all over the front page of every newspaper in the country.

A lot of folks who called were angry at the FBI for putting this information out there. But it seems the mainstream media have blown things out of proportion yet again.

The FBI has 500 cases, which – because of the location of the cases and the lifestyles of the people involved – they believe might be tied to truck drivers.

Special Agent Michael Harrigan, the man in charge of the Highway Serial Killings Initiative for the FBI, said that number is such a small percentage of cases and represents an even smaller percentage of the trucking industry. He said the FBI knows that the majority of truck drivers are hardworking, decent people, and the FBI in no way intended to imply that there is a serial killer behind every wheel. Truck drivers, he said, are no more likely to be killers than any other group of people, but these specific cases have details that may be tied to truck drivers.

So instead of RAZZBERRIES to the FBI for trying to do its job, we’re going to give some to the mainstream media for failing to do theirs.

OOIDA member Harold Grant Cook of Sparks, NV, sends out some ROSES to the Desert West Motel in Road Forks, NM.

Harold said on a recent stay there, not only did he encounter nice folks and good food, but they even allowed him to park his truck in the motel parking lot instead of making him park at a closed truck stop across the street.

It may not seem like much, but we all know what happened to trucker Jason Rivenburg earlier this year when the only place he could find to park was an abandoned gas station. In a time when truckers’ lives are endangered just by where they are forced to park, it’s good to see businesses like this step up and do the right thing to make sure their guests are safe. Let’s hope that other businesses – and states – take a lesson from the Desert West and start offering more places for trucks and their drivers to safely spend the night.

RAZZBERRIES to ABC’s John Stossel, a reporter for “20/20.” On the show, he does a running segment called “Bailouts and Bull.”

In a recent installment, he looked at ways to fund new construction and badly needed upgrades to our infrastructure. I used the plural but, really, he looked at only one way – public- private partnerships.

All other opinions in this report were roundly dismissed, including those of U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-OR, a very vocal opponent of public-private partnerships.

This report painted DeFazio as short sighted and did everything just shy of playing Darth Vader’s theme when he was on screen to make him look bad. Stossel also dismissed protesters in Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania who stopped their governments from selling their infrastructure in much the same way.

Evenhanded reporting it wasn’t. You call your segment “Bailouts and Bull,” John, but I think we know where the real bull is coming from – right below your mustache.


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