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Roses & Razzberries

An OOIDA life member from Los Angeles, would like to send out some RAZZBERRIES to a truck stop in Barstow, CA. We won’t mention the name, but it’s part of one of the mega-chains.

It seems that the trucker, who delivers fuel for this chain, stopped at its Barstow location to fuel up and get a cold drink. All of the sodas in the cooler were warm and when he asked for a cup of ice, he was told it would cost 27 cents just for the cup. This after he just spent more than $400 fueling up his truck.

Our member said he can remember the days when you’d get a free soda just for filling up. So can we, driver. And as much as truckers are paying for diesel this summer, you’d think truck stops could spare 27 cents for a cup of ice.

OOIDA member Gary Ateniese of Freeport, TX, would like to send out some ROSES to Truck Pro of San Antonio, TX, and its manager Carlos Talavera.

Gary had a water pump go out on his truck earlier this year. He said the people at Truck Pro were more than accommodating.

Gary was there from 8 a.m. to 4:30 that afternoon getting the work done, and the folks there took him to seven different places to find the part he needed.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they gave him lunch, too. And Gary said never once did he hear anybody complain.

Usually, the calls we get are from drivers complaining how company X screwed them over or left them high and dry on the side of the road. We always like to give a little appreciation to the ones who get it right.

OOIDA members Ken and Beth Williams of Anderson, IN, would like to send out two dozen ROSES to a truck driver named Bobby Gunn from Scotland.

Ken and Beth went to Niagara Falls for their 10th anniversary, where Ken surprised Beth with a renewal of their wedding vows aboard the Maid of the Mist boat ride beneath the falls.

Because it was a surprise, no family and friends were along to be part of the wedding party. As the ceremony began, Gunn approached and asked what was going on. Upon being told, Gunn said he had always wanted to be the best man at a wedding but had never been asked.

So Ken and Beth invited Gunn and his friends to be part of the ceremony. In return, Gunn gave them what Ken described as “a very generous wedding gift.”

We don’t know what that gift was, but one thing Ken and Beth got for sure that day was a great story to tell.

A big fat bunch of RAZZBERRIES goes to Road Safe America for attempting to tie the speed limiter issue to a study on medically unfit truck drivers, which was issued by the Government Accountability Office in July.

The study, which had already been twisted by the media to paint a picture of big, bad, evil trucks rolling down the roads, was twisted even further by Road Safe America.

The so-called safety group claimed that the study showed that “thousands of drivers of highway big rigs have health problems that impair driving ability.” Um, no, actually, what it presented was 15 anecdotal cases that are in no way representative of the 6 million CDL holders in this country.

But Road Safe America went even further and claimed that the study supported the group’s claim that speed limiters are a good idea.

Right, because then trucks will only be going 68 miles per hour when all of these “unhealthy” drivers keel over and die at the wheel.

OOIDA member Danny Schnautz of Pasadena, TX, sends out some broadcast ROSES to KSBJ, a Christian radio station in Houston.

Back in August, when Houston was getting pounded by Tropical Storm Edouard, the station was highlighting some of the jobs where people were still at work during the nasty weather.

Danny said the DJs mentioned at least twice that morning that truckers were still hard at work in the storm delivering food, supplies and gas.

We’re glad these folks recognized the hard work these truckers were doing in the rain. Now, if only more folks would realize that truckers work hard when it isn’t raining, too. LL


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