Button and Hart selected for full seats on Board

During the fall meeting of the OOIDA Board of Directors, directors voted to seat Terry Button, Rushville, NY, and Howard Hart of Spokane, WA, to full seats on the board. Button and Hart have both served terms as alternates.

Re-elected to the board were Bill Rode of Eagle, ID; Gary Green of Edwardsville, KS; Frank Owen of Woodway, TX; Leo Wilkins of St. Charles, MI; Mark Elrod of Peru, IN; and Kenneth Becker of Montgomery, TX. They were sworn in by President and CEO Jim Johnston.

Robert Esler of Taylor, MI, was re-elected secretary and Woody Chambers of Eddyville, KY, was re-elected general vice president at the spring meeting. They were sworn in Oct. 4 with the others.

The 2008 membership election for five new alternates is now in full swing. Eight nominees were on hand during the week of the fall board meeting for the interview process. They were Henry Albert of Mooresville, NC; Gary Carr of Wayne, ME; Lou Esposito of Duanesburg, NY; Thomas Kloeppel of Kingfisher, OK; Mike Laizure of College Place, WA; DuWayne Marshall of Watertown, WI; Jack McComb of Littleton, CO; and Dale Wiederholt of Hazelgreen, WI.

It is very important that you as an OOIDA member take the opportunity to participate in this election by voting for those nominees you feel are qualified to sit on the OOIDA Board. The election process is a very important part of your membership as you are responsible for electing those individuals who lead and guide your Association. Ballots are scheduled to be sent out in the mail the first of November.

Also, to help you with the election process, in early November we will introduce the top-scoring nominees and air mini-interviews on our XM Satellite Radio show, Land Line Now.

Watch for your ballot and please don’t forget to vote. The elected alternates will be seated at the spring 2009 board meeting. LL