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Alberta minister rejects speed limiters

While government officials and big trucking companies in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec continue to push for mandatory speed limiters on heavy trucks, the transportation minister in Alberta has no plans to follow suit.

Transportation Minister Luke Ouellette touched on the topic when he delivered the keynote address at an Alberta Motor Transport Association conference in late April.

 “I know there are economic and environmental reasons for considering mandatory speed limiters, but I also know it would be very difficult to enforce,” Ouellette said.

The minister’s comments do not fall in line with the Canadian Trucking Alliance. The alliance, along with government officials in Ontario and Quebec, wants to restrict trucks to 105 km/h, or about 65 mph, on provincial highways.

Lawmakers in Ontario continue to discuss proposed legislation in that province, while Quebec has a law on the books that will not

be enforced until other provinces pass legislation. LL