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In-cab Fever
All work, no play makes Jack a brain-dead workaholic
Truck driving is a job that can easily demand that 80 or 90 percent of your waking hours be working hours. Even when you’re off-duty, too often you’re on a short leash. Seeking a healthy balance while you are sitting for hours in your truck or in a truck stop isn’t easy, but we’ve got some ideas to stave off the “in cab fever.” Whether you need an entertaining escape or an intellectual retreat, we’ve got you covered.

A band by any other name ...

Mudcrutch? Never heard of them, you say? Hah! You probably have but don’t know it. Mudcrutch was Tom Petty’s original band from 1975 when they headed from Gainesville, FL, to Los Angeles to “make it.” Over the years, some band members drifted away, but more than three decades later, Petty has rounded all of them up for a series of concerts and an album that was recorded in a short 10 days.

But make no mistake; this is not Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fare, although Petty’s voice and influences are strong. Petty has parked his traditional Rickenbacker guitar for a bass, and Heartbreakers alumni Mike Campbell and Tom Leadon handle the lead guitar work to perfection. Roger McGuinn’s “Lover of the Bayou” is absolutely killer and totally different.

Mudcrutch also does a tasty version of Bill Monroe’s “Love, Come Home.” There’s even a hot version of the Dave Dudley favorite, “Six Days on the Road.” I recommend setting your cruise control when listening to this album, or you may be over the limit. Some good old jam band rock and roll that could help you get a speeding ticket.

For more information on the band, visit The album “Mudcrutch” is being released by Warner Music Group.

– By Dave Sweetman, Land Line columnist

‘The Late Great U.S.A.’

President Bush met with leaders from Mexico and Canada in April in New Orleans. The annual meeting that has come to be called “The Three Amigos” was the reincarnation of the fourth summit of the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

What is the SPP and why should truckers care? Controversial author and World Net Daily Staff Writer Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., says this partnership lays the groundwork for a merger of the three nations into a North American Union.

In the New York Times best-seller, “The Late Great U.S.A.,” Corsi explains how he sees a merger with Mexico and Canada on the horizon. Corsi’s book touches on a number of topics of current interest to truckers including NAFTA, the Mexico truck pilot program, selling toll roads to foreigners, and cheap labor.

Published by World Ahead Media, Los Angeles, it’s available through or major booksellers.

– By Sandi Soendker, managing editor

More Lake Wobegon

For more than 30 years, radio listeners have tuned in to “A Prairie Home Companion” for Garrison Keillor’s humorous reports on a Minnesota town’s eccentric residents. In “Hope: More News From Lake Wobegon,” a CD that includes four stories, Keillor’s classic style is intact.

One of the tales is “Truckstop,” about a man who inadvertently leaves his wife behind while on an RV trip and then gets lost, unable to find his way back to her. The ring of truth is so authentic that it’s difficult to believe that Keillor’s stories are fiction.

Published by HighBridge Audio, the unabridged run time is 73 minutes.

– By Jonathan Lowe, audio book reviewer for
Lowe’s e-book of stories, “Ghost Rider,” is available for free download online at
Editor’s note: Click here to read Jonathan Lowe’s interview with Garrison Keillor.