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Just the other day
Three magic words

By Pete Rigney
The Silver Fox


A number of years ago, “My Girl Shirl” and I went to her mom’s home in Kirksville, MO, for Thanksgiving. I told Shirley’s younger sister, Merry, I would buy the turkey and all the trimmings if she, along with Mom and Shirley would cook the dinner.

Shirley and I took Merry in tow and we went to a nearby Safeway with a long list. The dinner wasn’t just for the four of us. We figured on having 15 people.

I picked a 22-pound bird out of the freezer. All total we wound up filling three shopping carts before we headed for the cashier.

The register kept spitting out the tally sheet, and at the point it was on the floor, Merry started to blush and apologized for buying so much. She even offered to go 50-50 on the total. I reassured her by telling her I always had money.

“My Dad taught me how to get all the money I needed by saying three words,” I told her.

She looked anxious, then she asked me, “What are they?”

What happened after that was history. I forgot that I was right next to a cashier in a crowded store when I told Merry the three magical words “stick ’em up” in a loud voice.

It scared the daylights out of two senior ladies in the next aisle. One put her hand on top of her straw bonnet like she was either going to run or drop to the floor.

I smiled the best “only kidding” smile that I could muster on such short notice. The cashier kept right on punching the keys. Merry’s only comment: “Pete, I don’t think Kirksville is ready for you.”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Think about the things you should be thankful for. Ask each person, young or old, what they are thankful for. You might be surprised at some of the answers. LL

A note from Pete:You are invited to an ex-trucker’s Christmas party. Interested? Call OOIDA member Jim Bullins at (336) 629-1973.
Jim will introduce you to an unselfish world of people, young and old, who share lots of TLC with “Jim’s Kids.”
“Jim’s Kids” is not a government-funded program.
It is a relatively small program, run by a retired driver who understands the needs of some special families.
Since 1995, Jim’s annual Christmas party has grown from 12 attendees to as many as 600. NBC News sent Tom Brokaw and a crew to cover the 1998 Christmas party.


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