Top scholarship winner: Nathaniel Boring

By Clarissa Kell-Holland
staff writer


For each of the past nine years, the OOIDA Foundation has helped five students with their college expenses – and the scholarship committee has awarded another $6,000 to five more who are college bound in the fall of 2007.

This year’s first-place winner was Nathaniel J. Boring, son of OOIDA member James M. Boring of Reedsville, PA. Nathaniel plans to major in political science beginning this fall at Penn State Erie, the Behrend College, in Erie, PA. His long-term plan is to eventually become a lawyer and a politician.

He received a $2,000 scholarship for his first year of school, which he can renew for another three years for a total amount of $8,000.

In addition to being judged based on his grades and extra-curricular activities, Nathaniel was selected as the first-place winner based upon his answers to the following three questions:

  • List and discuss three positive aspects of the influence of the trucker in your life.
  • How does your choice of an educational goal utilize the strongest attributes of your personality?
  • Formulate a helpful suggestion for the Association on how to improve the public image of professional truck drivers.

The questions were designed by this year’s scholarship committee, which was headed by OOIDA Board Member Bill Rode of Eagle, ID.

In his winning answers, Nathaniel listed his father and grandfather, who are both involved in the trucking industry, as the two “greatest influences in his life.” Here’s what he wrote about them:

“My father has been a strong role model for me. The numerous times my father has helped some stranger along the road is just a small measure of the degree to which he practices what he knows is right. I will forever possess the value of hard work and sacrifice which my father and grandfather have bestowed upon me. I know the achievement requires your utmost ability. In his daily work, my father has demonstrated the importance of being prepared. He stresses that I use my logic to solve problems and that I should never be afraid to take initiative in any situation.”

Nathaniel has set high educational goals for himself, which he plans to use to help others. Here are excerpts from how he described how he would do that:

“As a lawyer and politician, I hope someday to set great precedents … I love helping people and doing simple things that can make their lives easier. As a lawyer and politician, I want to help people for the rest of my life in every way I can.”

“… As an active member of our government, I hope to be in a position where I can emphasize that trucks do move America and are not just an obstacle on the highway. I want to help make sure that professional truck drivers have a say in the outcome of laws that concern them. Legislation that deals with things like the North American Free Trade Agreement, longer combination vehicles and entry-level requirements should be decided by those who would know their outcome.”

Nathaniel’s plan to help improve the public image of professional truck drivers includes making the mainstream news media aware of all of the good things professional drivers do out on the road. Here are his thoughts:

“On a daily basis across our country, professional truck drivers help save lives and the public should be made aware of this. Truck drivers are often the unsung heroes of many highway accidents. To publish even a fraction of the stories about truck drivers being the ones to save a life would help put into perspective the true greatness of these numerous men and women. It would be a great thing to one day be able to make the assumption that when a person passes a truck, they know there is a responsible professional behind the wheel making our highways safer.”

The OOIDA Foundation Scholarship Committee recently awarded $6,000 in scholarships to five college-bound children of OOIDA members to help them further their education.
Along with first-place winner Nathaniel J. Boring of Reedsville, PA, four other OOIDA scholarship winners received $1,000 awards, which they can renew for a total of $4,000 for four years.
Winners of four $1,000 scholarships this year, in alphabetical order, are:

Luke F. Bayci, son of member Mark R. Bayci of Caldwell, ID. He is enrolled at Colorado State University and plans to major in animal science;

Lauren E. Donohoe, daughter of member David Donohoe of Woodstock, OH. She is enrolled at the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute at Wooster, OH, where she plans to major in agricultural education;

Kristen M. Lynds, daughter of member Sandra Lynds of Monticello, ME. She plans to major in accounting at Husson College, Bangor, ME;

Ashley Stafford, daughter of member Lewis H. Stafford Sr. of Cambridge, MD. She is enrolled at Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN, and plans to major in physical therapy.

Recipients of the $1,000 scholarships can also renew them for the next three years for a total amount of $4,000.

If you have a son, daughter, grandchild or legal dependent interested in applying for a 2008 school year scholarship, you can call OOIDA and request an application form. The forms will be available in October.