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It’s a good idea to carry certain maintenance items for your APU, as they may not always be readily available. After all, things can get a bit toasty if you’re parked in El Centro, CA, on a 115-degree day and your APU decides to chunk an A/C compressor drive belt, or if the thing won’t start because of a clogged fuel filter.

It would also be infuriating to wait a while to get to a shop, only to find out they don’t have the filters or whatever other common maintenance item you needed to get it going, wouldn’t it? Of course, while an auto parts store may usually carry some items needed, the questions remain as to whether you can get there with your truck, and if they’re open when you need the parts. Truck stop repair shops can get pricey, and they may not have what you need, either.

Here’s a recommended list of commonly needed APU maintenance items:

  • Two oil filters
  • Two fuel filters
  • Two air filters – These can be the hardest filters to obtain. In many cases they may have to be ordered directly from the APU manufacturer.
  • One set of belts – Many APUs will have one belt that drives the water pump and the alternator, and if it has an engine-driven compressor and/or an integral generator it will have at least one,
  • if not two more – unless it has a serpentine belt design using one belt to run everything.
    Bunk air filter, if equipped.

It’s also recommended you make a list of the parts numbers for these items so replacements can be located easier.