OOIDA board meets

By Sandi Soendker
managing editor

The OOIDA Board of Directors convened in April at the Association's national headquarters in Missouri, discussed a hard-hitting agenda for 2006 and after four days of meetings, said "go for it."

Described as "far from being a wish list," board members gave the thumbs up to aggressive but common-sense objectives, clearly driven by the membership's needs to see action and get payback.

Jim Johnston, president and CEO; Todd Spencer, executive vice president; Woody Chambers, general vice president; Bob Esler, secretary; and Rick Craig, treasurer, met with the board of directors for two days of special committee meetings. The full board heard the reports from those committees on April 7 and 8.

Todd Spencer and the Association's government affairs team of Rod Nofziger, Mike Joyce and Melissa Theriault from Washington, DC, presented the 2006 legislative/regulatory agenda, followed by discussion.

Director of Regulatory Affairs Rick Craig provided detail on some of the more complex regulatory issues. The board reiterated its support and gave resounding approval to the Association's goals regarding those issues.

Among the top priorities determined by the board were finding ways to successfully address loading and unloading abuses, along with increasing broker oversight and surety bond requirements.

The board agreed OOIDA should continue pursuing repairs to the split sleeper-berth provision of the hours-of-service regulations for team drivers, consistent with the Association's original position. The board also discussed the new Canadian hours of service, with particular interest in its flexibility. Those rules are due to be implemented in January 2007.

Taking a hard line, the board restated its firm opposition to more toll roads and took an even harder line on the privatization of existing toll roads. During the meeting, board members made that clear when they voted to contribute $10,000 to three groups of Indiana residents fighting the "Major Moves" plan launched by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Also during the board meeting, Jim Johnston and OOIDA General Counsel Paul D. Cullen Sr. advised the board of the status of the Association's legal actions.

Your elected leadership
Re-elected to full board seats for four-year terms were Jay W. Hosty, Lakeshore, MS; John Taylor, Cross Junction, VA; Jim Mathews, Greeley, CO; Joe Rajkovacz, Edgar, WI; and Gordon Betts, Ogallala, NE. Alternate William "Lewie" Pugh, Freeport, OH, was elected to the full board.

In the current election -in which the general membership votes - the Association will seat five new alternates to the board of directors in the fall. OOIDA members should watch for their ballots in the mail this month. Nominations are now closed and 14 nominees are currently going through the final qualification process by the board's election committee. The Association is doing something new to prepare the membership for the election process. OOIDA will interview each nominee on "Land Line Now" on XM Satellite Radio Channel 171.

Next meeting: Week of Sept. 14
The OOIDA Board of Directors meets twice a year to conduct the Association's business, to assess organizational needs, and to confer on strategies regarding the Association's target issues.

The fall board meeting is scheduled for the week of Sept. 14.