Line One
On the homefront
The other Thanksgiving

by Karen Sboto
OOIDA Member

I was about to write an article about the problems that Buddy and I face during his home time, but as the kids and I head into our third week without him, I cannot think of a single complaint. I just want him home.

I am on my front porch drinking coffee. It is our first cool day, and being from north of the 49th parallel, I feel grounded by the chill. The children are playing in the front yard, and I know that when they come in for their baths, they will be rosy cheeked and ready for bed.

I wish that Buddy was here. He would be running and playing with the kids. Instead, he is headed to Nogales, AZ, and will not be back for at least 10 more days.

Today is Thanksgiving where I come from – Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October – and this day has made me truly that – thankful.

As a trucking spouse, I go from resentful, to resigned, to grateful. The grateful times are the most poignant part of the cycle and the ones I usually share with my husband; the others, I unload on my mother and friends.

I am sitting here with a full stomach while my children play happily – all because my husband works hard to support us. He is the base we stand on and the provider of the bread we break at our table. He and all other truck drivers are the blood that course through the veins of this continent. They bring nourishment to our hearths.

On the cell phone, while he maneuvers traffic, I share my thoughts. The peace I try to describe to him is a message from another land and time, but he understands and appreciates the call.

Maybe my gratitude will make him walk a little taller or perhaps it will help him take better care of himself out there. I am hoping that my breath will somehow give wind to the sails that bring him home and that tonight he will sleep within the embrace of our gratitude.


Karen Sboto married into the trucking industry four years ago. She and her husband, Buddy Blanton, operate Aegis Transportation, which they started three years ago. Together, they have three children under the age of 8. They are OOIDA members and live in Wilmington, NC. You can reach Karen at