Line One
Roses & Razzberries

A bratwurst and a ROSE to the German truck drivers who spotted an 80-year-old man driving at top speed down the autobahn in Gorlitz. Now that’s normally not a problem, as the highway has no speed limit. The trouble is this fellow was only doing 6 mph – in a motorized wheelchair. It turns out the man lives at a local nursing home, and he decided he needed something from the store. Not having a car, he hopped on a motorized wheelchair and rolled on down the road. The truckers saw him and called police. One truck even stayed behind him to protect him from other traffic until police arrived. That store must have been having one heck of a sale on lederhosen.

A flashing red RAZZBERRY to the prankster who keeps tampering with the traffic lights in Sunnyvale, CA. This merry moron, who has evaded the law for months, has been tinkering with the wiring in the town’s traffic lights, turning them off and making it so that the lights flash red in all directions. As if that weren’t bad enough, the prankster has mixed up the audible crosswalk signals that help guide the blind and has changed the timing of the lights to delay drivers. Not only is this not funny, it is dangerous and downright stupid.

A ROSE to the trucker who found two runaway Florida teens and alerted authorities, who then returned the girls to their parents. Defying the usual trucker stereotypes portrayed in the mainstream media, this driver picked up the two girls near the Mississippi state line, took them to his home, and (here’s where the stereotype goes out the window) called the police when he became suspicious of their story. With so many of these stories turning tragic, it’s refreshing to see one with a happy ending. We’re sure the parents of the girls would agree.

A RAZZBERRY goes on the air to John Lanigan, the co-host of a popular morning radio show in Cleveland, OH. Lanigan has raised the ire of local truckers by spouting off about the safety of trucks on the road. During traffic reports, Lanigan often asks “how many overturned trucks are blocking Cleveland’s freeways this morning?” We don’t know. But we do know at least one overbearing host who’s blocking Cleveland’s airwaves from the truth. Maybe Lanigan should stick to what morning radio hosts know best: fart jokes and lame song parodies.

A dozen ROSES each to the truckers who helped out Land Line reader Kymberli Mundwiller at an Oak Grove, MO, truck stop in mid-September. Kymberli, who has five children and was pregnant with a sixth at the time, ran into trouble when her windshield wipers stopped working during a rainstorm on the way to the grocery store. With her husband on the road and five kids in the car, she pulled into the truck stop looking for help. She found it in the form of four truckers who not only fixed the wipers, but also paid for the parts and bought her some Rain-X to keep her windshield clear if the wipers went out again. Chivalry isn’t dead, it’s on the road in an 18-wheeler.

OOIDA member Fentress “Buzzy” Bryan of Covington, TN, offers a RAZZBERRY to the truck driver encountered by his family while they were driving home from Florida. Passing through Mobile, AL, the family saw the trucker swerving from lane to lane on the Mobile Bay bridge, which restricts trucks to the right lane. Bryan said the truck nearly forced his son’s car into a concrete median and then got dangerously close to the bumper of the car when the car accelerated to get out of the way. Bryan offered another RAZZBERRY to the 9-1-1 operator who responded to a call made by his family as if it were a joke. We tried to think of a zinger here, but we think Bryan put it best: “Trucking suffers every day because of idiots like that.” Amen to that.

Bruce Maxwell, an OOIDA member from Oronogo, MO, offers a ROSE to a Missouri State Trooper he saw one night at a Petro station in Joplin, MO. While waiting to have his truck fixed, Maxwell said, he saw the trooper come in and ask one of the mechanics for help in fixing a flat tire on a four-wheeler. When the mechanics refused, the trooper borrowed a jack and changed the flat himself. It’s good to see a cop step in when others cop out.

Written by Terry Scruton, senior writer. He can be reached at