Trucking People
Knows what he wants
Rob Bandy found the picture of the truck he wanted and bought that truck.

By Jami Jones
Feature Editor

It’s not unusual for a guy buying a new truck to hang on to a picture of the “next one I’ll buy.” But not many can say – honestly say – they actually bought that truck.

An OOIDA member from Wheeling, WV, Rob Bandy made the decision to buy a new truck late last year. Then he picked up the December ’04/January ’05 issue of Land Line and saw the ad on the back cover for the new International Limited Edition American Eagle 9900ix.

Bandy loved the look of the truck. Having previously owned another limited edition model from International, he had to call his dealer in Wheeling about it.

“Steve Hill, the owner of the dealership, asked me ‘Are you looking at the one on the cover?’ ” Bandy said. “Then he told me that when (International) was done with their ad campaign, his dealership was supposed to be getting it.”

The call from the O.S. Hill & Co. dealership came in January – the truck had arrived.

“They told me it was in and to come down and take a look at it,” Bandy said. “I fell in love with it.”

But Bandy wasn’t out of the woods just yet; his wife, Jennifer, wasn’t thrilled with the idea of buying a new truck with the way the economy had been going.

“When she saw it, she was just like me. She fell in love with it,” Bandy said.

Bandy now laughingly talks about being “stalked” at truck stops or wherever he’s loading transformers to be delivered to power companies.

“Everywhere I go, people want to talk about it,” he said.

Even though he climbs in and out of it nearly every day, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t carry a picture of it around with him.

“I keep a copy of the Land Line with it on the cover just to show people,” he said.