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Slim is still in with the CDC

By Land Line staff

Size does matter and many experts agree that more isn’t better, despite a CDC report suggesting the contrary.

Dr. Julie Gerberding has apologized for the “confusion” caused by the report, which came from the agency that she directs – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“It is not OK to be overweight,” Gerberding said during a press conference she called to clarify the CDC’s position.

The news should be of particular interest to truckers.

An OOIDA Foundation survey showed that 49.5 percent of OOIDA members are obese, compared with 31 percent in the general public. The survey showed a higher percentage of truckers have weight-related problems, such as heart disease. Such problems are one of the concerns that the CDC director cited when she distanced her agency from the study.

And officials from the American Heart Association, the Harvard School of Public Health and the American Cancer Society have all come condemned parts of the study. They said one problem was that it included people who had health problems, such as cancer – which had caused them to lose weight.

Those study participants skewed the results, the experts said, and suggested that in some cases underweight people are less healthy than overweight people. The chief epidemiologist for the American Cancer Society said the study was not sound because it was “looking at people who are thin because they’re sick, not (people) who got sick because they’re thin.”