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Truckers Speak Out
Fix the economy, then the world

David Gaibis
New Castle, PA

It should be common knowledge that the United States no longer manufactures most of its own products. We import everything from steel to computers to clothing to foodstuffs and, most importantly, oil. Most of these imports come from Third World countries because of cheap labor.

Presently, we are talking about going to war with Iraq. We are doing this against the better judgment of most of these countries and our allies. The questions before us are: How much can we depend on these countries to ship us our necessary supplies? How much pressure can they bring to bear? How can we effectively fight a war halfway around the world if we can’t depend on our own manufactured goods? What kind of an effect could this have on the military men and women we are sending into battle?

Our politicians and corporate America have put our country, including our military and its citizens, in a potentially dangerous situation.

Maybe we, as a nation, should rethink our war plans and find a “plan” to repair our economy, bring good-paying production jobs back to Americans and reconsider our foreign policies.