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Reader's choice: Most interesting products of 2002
Land Line introduces many products and services to our readers in every issue. Some are introduced through advertising and some through our What’s New section or other editorial. Each year, the staff here at Land Line sifts through the reader response cards you send in to find out which products were most interesting to you. We recently compiled our list of the 20 products that received the highest number of your responses. Here are the results:

#20 Transportation Safety Technologies introduced an extra set of eyes to truckers in our February What’s New section with their innovative Eagle Eye Obstacle Detection System, which visually and audibly warns drivers of unseen obstacles within 10 feet of the vehicle — in all weather conditions. Call 1-800-428-4449 or visit www.tst-corp.com.

#19 Our May readers got a “charge” from our What’s New section from a new line of power inverters. Xantrex and Delco Remy have joined to offer inverters to the heavy-duty truck aftermarket. The conveniences of home can now be put in your cab. Call (604) 422-2627 or visit www.xantrex.com.

#18 Pacific Electronics’ weatherproof PVC rope lighting flag inspired our June What’s New section readers. The 22-inch- high by 30-inch-wide flag installs easily. Call (815) 455-3783 or visit www.pacificelectronics.net.

#17 Repair nearly anything … plastic, that is. This product really stuck in the minds of our May What’s New readers. The Stiction E-Z Weld Plastic Repair Stix from Bar’s Products repairs plastic. It rebuilds and can be cut, drilled and painted. Call 1-800-521-7475 or visit www.barsproducts.com.

#16 Vulcan On-Board Scales ad made our readers “weigh-in” with their interest in November. Vulcan On-Board Scales offer on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers, with spring or air suspensions. Call 1-800-237-0022 or visit www.vulcanscales.com.

#15 In the July What’s New section, we introduced The Paratrooper from Montague Corp. It’s a 24-speed mountain bike that folds simply with the use of tools. The 29-pound bike compacts in less than 30 seconds into a 3’ x 3’ pack. Call (617) 491-7200 or visit www.montagueusa.com.

#14 In November, American SuperLite’s ad took a spotlight. Their new hi-tech LEDs feature true 180-degree viewing, clear lenses with silver or gold reflectors, clear rubber grommets and no external parts to corrode. Call 1-888-716-9980 or visit www. Americansuperlite.com.

#13 In our August/September issue, TruckGen’s ad made a lot of readers feel the need. TruckGen offers total truck anti-idling systems that provide 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC power, air conditioning and cab heat. Call (904) 642-0836 or visit www.truckgen.com.

#12 The TB36 by Indel B keeps things cool and doesn’t require much room. This new, small 1.0 cu.ft. drawer fridge has been a hit with OTR drivers and day cab drivers. Call (941) 756-7225 or visit www.truckfridge.com.

#11 Power on the go! Xantrex’ XPower Mobile Plug 75 portable power adapter plugs into any vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket for an instant power. It’s the smallest power inverter on the market — and it showed up in our December/January What’s New, along with another Xantrax model, the XPower Powerpack 600, which is an indoor/outdoor power system that produces household electricity for products rated at 600 watts or less. Call (604) 422-2627 or visit www.xantrex.com.

#10 Travelin’ Dreams wanted to put our readers asleep in May’s What’s New section giveaway. However, our readers woke up to the chance to win one of these heavy-duty overstuffed mattresses. Call 1-877-989-6895.

#9 In our February What’s New section, KVH Industries introduced its newest high-speed Internet-capable satellite TV antenna for vehicles, the TracVision S3. It is enclosed in a low-profile flush-mounted dome. Call (401) 847-3327 or visit www.kvh.com.

#8, #7 & #6 - Our August/September What’s New section covered a few of the latest model seats, and Bostrom Seating, Recaro and Seats Inc. took honors with our audience.

#8 Bostrom Seating’s Liberty I and Liberty II models are now available with increased foam density and wider seat and back configuration. Both come in mid- or high-back configurations. Call 1-800-459-7328 or visit www.bostromseating.com.

#7 Recaro North America introduced a hand-built line of orthopedically correct seats designed to reduce the stress and strain of OTR driving and engineered to meet or exceed federal and industry standards. Call 1-800-8RECARO or visit www.recaro.com.

#6 Seats Inc. introduced its new Wide Parallelogram Suspension, which that has dual shock absorbers for greater side-to-side stability. It’s designed for large drivers and vocational applications. Call (608) 524-8261 or visit www.seatsinc.com.

#5 In November’s What’s New section, MicroHeat debuted an effective heated washer system — the HotShot. This system rapidly heats washer fluid on demand. It allows drivers to quickly and effectively remove ice, snow, frost and other substances in all climates, not just winter. Call (248) 488-1000 or visit www.microheat.com.

#4 XM Satellite Radio took honors in the March/April What’s New section. Their offer to giveaway one of the Pioneer satellite receivers and antenna to one lucky winner made our audience aware of XM’s fantastic coast-to-coast digital satellite radio programming. Call 1-800-852-9696 or visit www.xmradio.com.

#3 Got You Covered! Magnet Paints announced its Chassis Saver underbody coating in our August/September What’s New section. This coating is specially formulated to prevent truck corrosion without the use of primers and top coats. Call 1-800-922-9981 or visit www.magnetpaints.com.

#2 Also in our August/September What’s New section was RoHo’s new Airhawk Comfort Seating System. The seat is designed to perfectly match your body shape and contour through air-filled cells that absorb vibrations and eliminate pressure points. Call 1-800-850-7646 or visit www.therohogroup.com.

#1 Getting the most reader responses of all in 2002 for any one issue of Land Line was Air-Weigh on-board scales. Drop-and-hook truckload operators can legalize axle weights with just the Air-Weigh truck scale. These stand-alone, self-weighing trailer scales have their own weight display. And any Air-Weigh-equipped tractor can automatically display any Air-Weigh-equipped trailer’s weight. Call1-800-938-2500 or visit www.air-weigh.com.

What this list indicates is that Land Line’s readers are professionals interested in high-quality products that affect their business, equipment, comfort and profitability. There are many other products that have been in Land Line in 2001 as advertisers or mentioned in product news that have received fabulous response. Unfortunately, they all can’t be mentioned at this time. As shown by this list, our readers are eager to pay attention to quality and innovation.