Truckers Speak Out

Starting in March, Land Line offered a weekly poll on its Web site to get truckers’ opinions on issues of importance in the industry and in society overall. Here’s some of what we found:

The light dawns
A number of legislative actions in the past few years were designed to reduce accidents within construction zones. We asked truckers:

If you drive in construction zones with your lights on, will that make the zones less dangerous?

  • Yes 28.2%
  • No 71.8%

Not an idle question
Cities, counties, states and even the feds are pressing to reduce idling by big rigs. With more and more jurisdictions cracking down on truck idling, we asked truckers:

What kind of idling reduction device do you use?

  • None 82.4%
  • Engine start/stop timer 8.8%
  • Fuel-fired heater 2.9%
  • Generator/Auxiliary¬†Power Unit 5.9%
  • Truck and devices wired for Shore Power 0%

Land Line conducts a weekly poll of truckers on its Web site, To vote, click on the “Weekly Poll” button in the left-hand column. Then click in one of the circles to indicated the answer that best fits your opinion. When you click on “Vote,” the site will show you up-to-date results, with your opinion included.