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You’ve never seen a battery like this — until now, it hasn’t existed

Optima batteries are now available for use in commercial trucks.

Featuring a patented Spiralcell Technology, the new Group 31 YellowTop battery is designed specifically to endure the challenges of working in a heavy-duty environment. The Group 31 YellowTop was created by Optima, the high-performance brand of lead-acid batteries owned by Johnson Controls.

The Group 31 (standard size designated by the Battery Council International) is the most common size for commercial trucking and other heavy-duty applications.

The patented Spiralcell Technology in an Optima battery is apparent in the product’s appearance, featuring a six-pack design, which holds the six compressed spiral-wound cells.

Spiralcell Technology basically immobilizes the chemical reaction that goes on inside a battery to provide a more efficient, powerful reaction for more consistent power for longer periods of time. In addition, it creates an extremely durable cell for increased resistance to the elements, making for longer battery life.

The new Group 31 YellowTop battery is now available through battery distributors throughout North America. It is available in two versions — the 31 STUD and the 31 SAE. The 31 STUD comes with threaded posts, while the 31 SAE, as the name implies, features SAE post termination. Both batteries feature Optima’s trademark colored top and six-pack design.

Going the ‘long haul’ for your truck’s appearance
Truckers have long sought ways to protect their rigs against the damaging effects of road chemicals like magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and other salts while preventing and removing oxidation. Long Haul Professional Truck Appearance has formulated a line of four products to eliminate problems like magnesium chloride while leaving a protective barrier.

Long Haul introduced its Power Wash, Polish/Wax, Metal Polish and combination Degreaser/Bug Remover at this year’s Mid-America Trucking Show, where the company sponsored the Paul K. Young Memorial Truck Beauty Championship.

Recycle used oil into shop heat
Reznor, makers of unit space heaters since 1888, has introduced its Venturion line of used-oil-fired heaters that burn waste oils. Burning used oils, such as crankcase oil, transmission fluids, hydraulics, etc., provides free shop heat and eliminates haul-off costs and the liabilities associated with shipping used oils off site. Recycling of used oils is approved by the federal EPA.

HammerLane’s new faster, networkable software
HammerLane Trucking Software has now made its accounting and profit-tracking software faster. In addition, the small fleet program can now be networked.

These faster, networkable versions can be downloaded from HammerLane’s Web site free of charge for a 10-trip tryout.

Additionally, HammerLane has entered into a partnership with a programmer from Superbase and very soon will have an IFTA Report available for download from its Web site.

The company has also cut its prices to give truckers a break during hard times.

“The economy is in a slump right now,” Fred Gasperson, the owner and creator of the trucking software, said in a release.

The cost of the “Owner-Operator” software has been reduced to $250, while the small fleet version is $450.

Generate some z’s in comfort
Frigette Truck Climate Systems offers the self-contained “engine off” central heat and air-conditioning system. The unit runs off a compact generator that also provides electricity for appliances while it charges the truck’s batteries. The system can also run off 110-volt shore power.

The company offers two generator systems, a 3.5 kw and a 5.5 kw, with a choice of A/C-heat units — a horizontal model or a vertical model. This combination enables the driver to have air conditioning, heat and 110-volt electricity available in the truck sleeper without idling the truck’s engine.

New hub covers hide axle and lug nuts
RealWheels Cover Co. Inc. has introduced its Cover-Up hub covers with a low-profile design for aluminum wheels. This system covers the axle and lug nuts. With its patented Thread Lock bracket, there’s no need to remove the lug nuts since the bracket fits over them, making installation easy. The smooth appearance makes for quick cleaning, and the front hub cover includes a pop-in center for convenient oil cap viewing. Made from high-quality, non-magnetic 304L stainless steel, these hub covers should not rust, pit, corrode or turn yellow. RealWheels offers a lifetime “mirror-shine finish” guarantee and a two-year rebuffing warranty on all axle covers and simulators.

March/April winners of the Ositech cellular connection kit: 
John A. Trendel, Madison Heights, MI; and Scott N. Payne, Syracuse, UT.