Mid-America Trucking Show Announcements
These featured advertisers invite you to join them at the Mid-America Trucking Show March 21, 22 and 23 in Louisville, Kentucky

Alcoa Wheel Accessories. Booth #2665
As the leader in aluminum technology, it only makes sense that Alcoa offers the best aluminum care products. Alcoa PDQ polish is fast and easy to use, producing a shine that lasts longer than any other leading brand. Stop by the Alcoa Wheel Accessories booth for a demonstration.

Amsoil. Booth# 7009 & 363
Amsoil manufactures premium synthetic lubricants for a wide range of trucking and heavy-duty applications. Visit booths 7009 & 363 for a free 16-page, 4-color catalog showcasing the Amsoil product line. Tested and proven over billions of miles of service. Visit www.amsoil.com, or call 1-800-777-8491

AntWorx. Booth# 6261
AntWorx, developers of LoadLedger accounting and record keeping software, will be demonstrating their software at Booth #6261. For more information about LoadLedger visit www.loadledger.com, or call toll free 866-ANTWORX (268-9679).

Bazooka. Booth# 6416
Sliding axle-pin pullers from JLin Corporation are serious tools that help drivers slide the trailer axles. Unlike pneumatic types, the Bazooka is portable and less expensive. It also offers 150 pounds of power and is easily operated by one person. Call toll free 1-877-BAZOOKA.

C. G. & J.. Booth# 6345
C. G. & J. is the largest supplier of O.E. recored and new O.E. charge air coolers to the trucking after market in North America. With distributors nationwide, we can supply your needs fast, plus save you money. Stop by our booth.

Centramatic. Booth# 395
221,325 miles logged on a steer tire with Centramatic Balancers on the OE tire of a ’99 Kenworth T2000. Records received post these amazing results. Centramatic Balancers can improve tire life or miles/32nd by 25-50%. See these products and this tire at Booth# 395. For more information visit www.centramatic.com, or call 1-800-523-8473.

Dart Transit. Booth# 6187
Work smarter, not harder. Dart has an operating option to meet your needs: OTR, Regional, Dedicated, even local in many places. See us at Booth 6187 to learn why Dart has so many loyal independent contractors. Visit www.dartadvantage.com, or call toll free 866-592-6274.

Doonan Trailer Corporation. Booth# 9233
DOONAN Trailer Corp. will be displaying 4 styles of trailers - 35" & 40" deck height combo’s, a dovetail, & a standard trailer. Included in display are sliding axle, tire inflator system, belly box, Air-Weigh system, plus more. Booth 9233 in courtyard. Visit www.doonan.com, or call (620) 792-6222

Dynaflex Products. Booth# 214 
WOW, monster stacks! 6" - 7" - 8" diameter stack and elbow combinations are avaiable in 8 - 9 - 10 foot lengths, and are also available with built in “Q” style mufflers. You must see to believe, come on by and see for yourself.

Freightliner LLC. Booth# 3210
Visit www.freightlinertrucks.com

Fuel Preporator. Booth# 456
Fuel Preporator, booth #456, Fuel Delivery System for Diesel Engines, Reduced Emissions, Improved Performance, Extended Fuel Filter Life. Visit www.preporator.com, or call toll free 1-866-769-3747.

Harvard Business Services. Booth# 161 A
Information on how to gain asset protection and certain tax advantages by incorporating. Come by our booth and learn what is involved with incorporating and how it benefits you. Visit www.delawareinc.com, or call 1-800-345-2677.

Howes Lubricator. Booth# 464
Howes Lubricator Products - Diesel Treat, Roust-A-Bout, Meaner Power Kleaner. Visit us at booth 464 to learn more about our diesel additives and the new upcoming spring promotions. 1-800-GET-HOWES

Indel B North America. Booth# 772
Indel B, a leading supplier of portable 12vDC compressor fridges for heavy-duty truck use is introducing a new model, the TB2001 console fridge/freezer with a true 12vDC compressor and fully adjustable thermostat. Sized to fit between the seats of trucks, pickups, SUVs and vans.

Insta-Chain. Booth# 3101 
Insta-Chain - The Automatic Ice Chain - Instant traction at the flip of a switch, longer life than conventional chains, DOT approved, forward and reverse, easy to maintain. Stop by booth 3101 to learn more. Visit www.insta-chain.com, or call 1-800-633-0699

Jones Manufacturing. Booth# 1076
The J-Lock lockable anti-theft storage and security system easily mounts nearly anywhere on your truck to safeguard your load locks when not in use. Five styles to ensure that there’s a J-Lock especially suitable for your rig. Call (419) 465-2009

Link Manufacturing. Booth# 4215
Link Manufacturing is your Suspension Specialist. Featured at our booth are our Liftable Axle Suspension Systems, Cab Suspension Systems/Cabmate, Chassis Suspension Systems/UltraRide, ad our Tire Air Pressure Monitoring System/Catseye. Visit www.linkmfg.com, or call: 1-800-222-6283.

Panelite. Booth# 2600
Panelite offers the broadest line of decorative stainless steel accessories available. So when you’re ready to accessorize, choose Panelite Custom Truck Accessories, The American Original. Come see what’s new for 2002 at Booth 2600. Visit www.panelite.com

PBS Tax & Bookkeeping Service. Booth# 642
Trucking specialists, Barry and Howard, owners of PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service have specialized in the trucking industry for 25 years providing expert tax preparation, cost effective bookkeeping solutions to IRS problems and incorporation services. They have developed Truck Books by Barry and Howard, bookkeeping software for owner operators.

Peterbilt Motor Company. Booth# 2500
Visit www.peterbilt.com.

Pittfield Design Inc.. Booth# 6327
Manufacturer of the Body Guard Truck Shield, deflectors that mount securely behind the grill of your truck without drilling any holes. Available for most Class 8 Trucks. Stop by and see the new deflector set for the Freightliner Columbia. Call: 1-888-248-2735

Pony Pack. Booth# 939
Pony Pack- The genuine brand idle elimination system, “Knocks Out Idling.” The only auxiliary power unit system to win the United States Department of Energy’s Award for Energy Innovation, First Prize Energy Resources Technologies Innovation Award. Visit www.ponypack.com, or call (505) 243-1381

Proheat Products. Booth# 5229
Proheat Products provide “home-away-from-home” Comfort AND Fuel Savings: Proheat I.C.E., the only auxiliary power unit with more cooling, more heat, less noise and easy maintenance PLUS electricity to run your TV, Fridge, computer, stereo: Proheat X45, the #1 truck heater, gives you more heat, more reliability, more life. Visit www.proheat.com, or call toll free 1-800-667-4328

Red Book Credit Services. Booth# 923
Red Book Credit Services has been rating produce buyers and sellers and transportation brokers for over 75 years. Stop by our booth so we can show you how to find loads that will pay you. Visit www.rbcs.com, or call 1-800-252-1925

RigMaster Power. Booth# 6030
RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone truck mounted generator set featuring 20,000 BTU’s of air conditioning, 12,000 BTU’s of heating, 25 amp alternator to keep batteries charged plus a 4000 watt 110-volt house current generator for appliances, tools or engine block heater. Special rebate offer for OOIDA members. Visit our booth, or call 1-800-249-6222

Roberson Transportation. Booth# 6488
Roberson Transportation - What makes an owner operator successful? Plenty of miles hauling quality, high dollar freight. Flatbed or van, stop in at booth 6488. Visit www.robersontrans.com, or call 1-800-473-5581

Save-A-Load. .Booth# 1014
Save-A-Load, Inc., manufacturer of the “Next Generation” hydraulic cargo bracing bar. The Z-Bar will last for over 30,000 uses, is twice as strong as any other cargo bar and only weighs 8.8 lbs. It will not damage trailers and is very safe and easy to use. Try it at Booth 1014. Visit www.saveaload.com, or call 1-800-728-5623

Shell Lubricants. Booth# 163
From Rotella T, America’s best-selling heavy-duty multigrade, to Rotella ELC Extended Life Coolant, ROTELLA DFA diesel fuel additive and new Rotella T Synthetic, The Shell line of heavy duty lubricants provides truckers with security on the road. Shell lubricants are available through distributors and truck stops nationwide. Visit us at www.rotella.com.

Shur-Co. Booth# 5390
Shur-Co, “Your Trap Solutions Company” will be featuring the NEW Shur-Co Arm Series, the Fiber Arm Shur-lok, Flatbed and lOad Control, and other front to back tarp systems; Shur-Trak, Cover-Pro, and Cover-Up. Stop at Shur-Co’s booth, “Your One Stop Shop”. Visit www.shurco.com, or call 1-877-474-8726

Spinner II Products. Booth# 1073
Stop Soot, Save Oil - Worried about harmful soot and rising lube oil prices? Get a Spinner II oil cleaing centrifuge. It’s the only way to effectively remove soot from your oil. And with ten times the dirt-holding capacity of filters, you’ll save by maintaining or extending drain intervals. Spinner II Products, T.F. Hudgins Inc., 1-800-231-7746, www.SpinnerII.com.

Sylvania. Booth# 451
Sylvania, a Siemens company headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH. Its combined Automotive Lighting businesses, with principal operations in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, are number one in the world for automotive light sources, with nearly a third of the market. For more information about OSRAM SYLVANIA’s Automotive Lighting business or its products, please contact: OSRAM SYLVANIA, Automotive Lighting, 275 West Main Street, Hillsboro, NH 03244, visit www.sylvania.com, or call 1-800-347-3420

TIE Services. Booth# 6920
Out-Source your Office/Dispatch - At TIE Services, independent truckers can use the TIE team to outsource load searching, dispatching, invoicing and routine load confirmation. Also, TIE Services in partnership with Net-Near-U extends load searching to any trucker in the U.S. at 450 truck stops on a pay on demand basis - no monthly membership fees. Fax on demand, or search for loads on an hourly basis. Stop in at booth 6920 or call 1-877-421-0880. www.tieservices.com

Transcraft. Booth# 915
Order a new Transcraft trailer with an Aero Conestoga and get up to $1,250 cash back. Transcraft is the #1 selling flatbed in America, add Aero’s Conestoga, the best selling Rolling Tarp System and you’ve got the best equipped flatbed in N. America. Contact your local Transcraft dealer to find out more about the cash back offer. For additional Transcraft/Aero rebate items go to www.transcraft.com. Offer ends March 31, 2002. Visit booth 915.

TruckGen. Booth# 9095 B
Another idling solution breakthrough from TruckGen! Introducing TruckGen’s new diesel auxiliary power unit designed to offer cab heat, air conditioning and 120 amps of 12 volt battery charging in a system that only weighs 185 lbs! See us in Louisville! Visit www.truckgen.com, or call 1-866-878-2543

Turbo 3000-D. Booth# 6924
The TURBO 3000D( is a patented “clean-burn” after-market fuel device for diesel engines. It is guaranteed to improve fuel economy by at least 10 percent or your money back. The device also increases horsepower, reduces carbon deposits, stack soot, smoke and toxic emissions. Visit www.TURBO3000D.com, or call 1-877-526-7728

Waeco Adler/Barbour. Booth# 860
Stop by and see our broad selection of top-of-the-line 12-volt refrigerators and coffee makers. With Waeco Adler/Barbour you can rely on quality. Visit www.waecoadlerbarbour.com, or call 860-669-9910

XM Satellite. Booth# 9005

Zamzow Manufacturing. Booth# 108
ZamZow will be displaying the Kwik-Lock Roll Tarp Systems for High side, Dump and Grain trailers. We also will be displaying our complete line of tarps, cargo control systems and accessories that we offer for the trucking industry. Stop by and pickup a catalog, or visit www.zamzow-tarp.com.