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Trucker Perspectives
Gimmie my space

By Garland H. Campbell, Dublin, VA

Those of you who think confining trucks to right-hand lanes will promote highway safety need to hear from someone older and wiser. I’m 62, with over 30 years of trucking the 48, two and a half million safe miles. An important rule of safe driving is to maintain a “cushion of air,” that is, space, all around your vehicle. That’s no one in front or behind or on either side of you. This is being destroyed with the possibility of lane restrictions!

Already you have the public (four-wheelers) trained to keep to the right. Most of them are not at work, just in transit, with their minds who knows where. They create a significant volume of traffic in those right lanes. Why then do you want to further congest those lanes with our big trucks? To move us to where we are not welcome, and where there is no room for us?

You deny me my rights to exercise my skills of safe driving by presuming to make choices for me! You attempt to put into a box what will not fit in a box. Therefore, you assume all liability for my safety and the safety of the motoring public by posting your lane restrictions. My first priority is to drive safely and protect myself!

If a truck length is 70 feet and you attach four spaces to each truck and you have 5,280 trucks, how many miles of highway do you need? Now, answer the same question for cars, say adding 30 feet per car length. Now, add them together. Remember, according to guidelines, four spaces are only good for 40 mph.

Now do you see why my advice is to remove all lane restrictions so the traffic can make full use of the highway space we have? No one in an office can make the decision for a driver on the highway. He must be free to make his own decision. Remove the signs.