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Roses & Razzberries

ROSE to flashlight manufacturer Maglite for providing a tiny glimpse into a trucker’s daily maintenance routine in its commercial that began airing last November. The commercial opens with the image of a trucker beginning his pre-trip inspection in the moments prior to dawn. The trucker makes his way around his rig checking the trailer, tires and such with the aid of his flashlight. After inspection, the trucker climbs back into the cab, settles in the saddle and clips the light on the dash. A turn of the ignition key brings the welcome sound of a purring engine. Nice flavor.

A big RAZZBERRY to Costco Distribution Center in Monroe Township, NJ, for its poor treatment of truckdrivers. During a recent delivery to the Costco center, long-time OOIDA member Doug Fabish found himself in a waiting room, which he says seemed more like a jail cell, for four to five hours with no food, just a pop machine and some broken chairs. Fabish said Costco employees instructed him not to leave the room. If he did, they threatened to refuse his load. Costco corporate disagrees with Fabish’s assessment of the situation insisting Costco strives to maintain good conditions for waiting drivers at their distribution centers. Tom Walker from Costco corporate told Land Line, “If any driver has a problem with our facilities, just have them phone me.” OK truckers, here’s the number: (425) 313-8139.

Over the holidays, one popular print ad screaming “shackcessorize!” earned a RAZZBERRY for RadioShack. The copy reads: “You’re on your wireless and suddenly an 18-wheeler is in your lane, cutting you off! Good thing you had both hands on the wheel, thanks to the hands-free wireless handset from RadioShack.” Land Line suggests this ad would have been more accurate had the copy read, “You’re on your wireless, putting on your makeup and suddenly, you’ve cut off an 18-wheeler! Good thing you had your hands-free wireless handset from RadioShack, or you would have missed a bite of your bacon/egg biscuit.” A number of truckers called or e-mailed RadioShack to point out truckers are among the electronics chain’s best customers. RadioShack responded with an apology.

Bill Vogel and Bill Cooper are turning heads on the highway. ROSES to the two OOIDA members from Cookeville, TN, for the patriotic messages on their rigs. Vogel has an impressive eagle painted on his cab with God Bless America written below. And a Nashville sign shop painted a huge American flag and the WTC towers burning on Bill Cooper’s white trailer with the message, “Don’t ever forget the twins.”

Anderson Trucking Ad

Congratulations to Anderson Trucking Service! Its advertisement on page 66 of Truckers News was voted unanimously by OOIDA and Land Line as the Recruiting Ad of the Month in our Advertising Hall of Shame. Is this what Anderson Trucking thinks of truckdrivers?

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