Sneak Preview of OOIDA Members Only
The following members passed away recently and will be missed by OOIDA and the trucking community.

David J. Barksdale of Baldwinville, MA (1941-10/2001), a two-year member

Norman Blanding of Alcolu, SC (1955-9/2001), a two-year member

Lemuel C. Bonkemeyer of Chadbourn, NC (1944-2001), a one-year member

Terry E. Burns of Moran, KS (1944-11/2001), an eight-year member

Richard J. Colello of Ladson, SC (1957-10/2001), a 13-year member

Michael A. Conard of Muskogee, OK (1959-10/2001), a 10-month member

Loyd Earle of Marshall, MI (1949-10/2001), a 19-month member

Stephen F. Elliotte of Tahlequah, OK (1946-8/2001), a one-month member

Ralph L. Falconburg of Palm Springs, CA (1940-10/2001), a 28-month member

Ronald Fuller of Clear Lake, MN (1958-2001), a one-year member

Robert L. Goff of Holts Summit, MO (1939-9/2001), a 10-year member

Ray Guthrie of Sherwood, AR (1947-10/2001), a two-year member

Howard L. Hagan Jr. of Woodbine, IA (1944-10/2001), a eight-year member

L. Yvonne Hawkins of Clarksburg, MD (1945-2001) a two-month wife-member

Brian M. Hill of Talbott, TN (1961-10/2001), a 19-month member

Edward Hunter of Stamford, NY (1946-12/2000), an eight-year member

Eugene Jacques of Renwick, IA (1936-11/2001), a two-year member

Leroy Jespersen of Springer, NM (1945-9/2001), a 14-year member

Joann E. Lichlyter of Jasper, IN (1959-10/2001), a three-year wife-member

Vernon Lyons of Stony Point, NY (1953-7/2001), a four-year member

Louis F. Maca of Columbus, NE (1937-11/2001), a 10-year member

Claude Miller of Whitehall, MT (1940-2/2001), a six-month member

Clarence D. Mills of Collinsville, OK (1941-2001), a 10-year member

Gary Nattress of Orlando, FL (1943-9/2001), a two-year member

William Parr of Aurora, IL (1959-10/2001), a 15-month member

Bryan Kenneth Ray of Grand Saline, TX (1935-10/2001), a three-year member

Roy N. Schumaker of Hornell, NY (1940-10/2001), a 21-month member

John D. Thomas of Afton, TN (1963-10/2001), a 28-month member

Richard L. Wilson of Eldon, MO (1939-8/2001), an 18-month member

Sincere condolences from all of us at OOIDA to the families and friends of our deceased members.