Truckers Speak Out
Stop crying and start fixing

By Bob Johnson
North East, PA

It is up to each person who works in the trucking industry to clean up the mess that has been made over time. We all know the old days are gone and the new laws are created because of the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Everybody has a fix, but nobody wants to step up and say I am at fault. They all say well it wasn’t me; I have never run over hours or over the speed limit. 

It’s time each and everyone in the industry works at fixing instead of pointing and waiting for OOIDA to fix everything. I am at fault for being off the road, not the officers that gave me the tickets. How many drivers will say that? Instead they all say those stupid cops, all they do is harass us. Well, there are some officers out there who need a reality check just like a lot of drivers, but a bad attitude will get just that in return. You want respect, then give what you want to receive. All this whining about the Jake brakes sounds like a bunch of children crying because the neighbor kid has a better toy than them. If you don’t want to use your engine brake, then don’t. If you don’t like straight pipes on your truck then don’t put them on it. I live in the USA where I can make the choice myself as long as I am not harming society. I have taken the time since being off the road to go back to school and learn about the proper way to operate a business and I also have found that the mistakes I made cost more than any money could ever fix.

So stop trying to blame others for the problem if you’re not willing to help fix what is wrong in the first place. I believe there are bigger problems than someone using the Jake brake. Like finding the thousands of illegal drivers out there that obtained their CDL by paying someone off. These guys go uncaught running all over the country doing who knows what and performing unthinkable acts. Let’s do what’s right.

Editor’s note: When you find those drivers, be sure to report the companies that recruit and hire them, as well.