Land Line’s 2001 Mid-America Trucking Show Announcements

These featured advertisers invite you to join them at the Mid-America Trucking Show March 22, 23 and 24 in Louisville, Kentucky

Advanced Exhaust Tech.. Booth # 2114/9010
Offered exclusively by Advanced Exhaust Technologies, L.L.C. of Auburn Hills, Michigan, the revolutionary Liberator™ muffler provides significant fuel economy improvements, reduces noise and improves performance of heavy-duty (Class 8) trucks. www.liberatormuffler.com

America’s Truck Wash & Chrome Shop. Booth # 235/245
Chrome and stainless steel truck accessories. Quality wood accents. Fenders, stacks, bumpers and many more items. Our chrome shop is home to many unique displays. Pick-up your free Millennium catalog at our booth or call 1-800-767-1509. www.atwchrome.com

Amsoil, Inc. Booth # 7016/363
Amsoil® manufactures premium synthetic lubricants for a wide range of trucking and heavy-duty applications. Visit booths 7016 and 363 for a free 16-page, 4-color catalog showcasing the Amsoil product line. Tested and proven over billions of miles of service. www.amsoil.com

C. G. & J. Charge Air Coolers. Booth # 8115
C. G. & J. is the largest supplier of O.E. recored and new O.E. charge air coolers to the Trucking After Market in North America. With distributors nationwide, we can supply your needs fast plus save you money. Stop by our booth.

CRC Industries, Inc.. Booth # 5050
Manufacturer of AVIEX® and SILOO® premium diesel fuel additives, CRC Industries offers only the highest quality products as an ISO 9001 compliant company. For more information call 1-800-272-8963, or visit us at the NAPA Truck Parts booth.

Dart Transit Co.. Booth # 6193
“One company. So many options!” We’ve got operating options to fit your family needs and financial goals. National, Regional, Dedicated. Even local contracts. Want to upgrade or buy your first truck? We have that option, too, with the industry’s most attractive lease or purchase opportunities through participating vendors. 1-800-366-3278 www.dartadvantage.com

DAVCO Manufacturing. Booth # 5405
Three new products from DAVCO: Diesel Pro® Model 232 new fuel processor; Elemax™, an improved fuel filter will double filter life; A new line of DAVCO oil level systems is being introduced; Come and see DAVCO products.

Diesel Performance Products/Fuel Preporator. Booth # 256
See the Fuel Preporator air/fuel separation system at work. Displaying clear fuel lines and clear fuel filters. You can see for yourself how air forms in fuel. Also see what effect restriction has on fuel. Then you can see how the Fuel Preporator removes the air. This is an eye-opener.

EDT Seat Cushion by RoHo. Booth # 6258
The EDT Truck Seat Cushion provides comfort for the long haul. The cushion is air inflated and adjustable to each individual. This cushion promotes a better seating posture which increases blood flow and reduces back pain. Call 800-850-7646. www.edtcushion.cc

Expediters Online.com. Booth # 5080
Interested in learning more about the fast paced expedited freight business? This is your Dot Com! Features include fleet profiles, truck and van reviews, job opportunities, and discussion forums. Register to win $1,000 fuel giveaway at our booth.

Getloaded.com LLC. Booth # 6014
Need loads? Search our huge database of all available loads and fill your empty trucks. Free credit ratings on all brokers posting. Mileage and routing is also available. Get a free 30-day trial. Call 888-565-3921 www.getloaded.com

Harvard Business Services. Booth # 6169
Information on how to gain asset protection and certain tax advantages by incorporating. Come out and learn what is involved with incorporating and how it benefits you. www.delawareinc.com

Howes Lubricator. Booth # 464
Free! A new oil treatment from Howes Lubricator. Howes Lubricator introduces a new oil treatment named Roust-A-Bout. Guaranteed benefits include: increased fuel economy, better oil stability, less engine wear, better thermal stability, less acid buildup and no more dry starts. Best of all you can try your first bottle FREE. See our booth for details.

JAMS Turbo, Inc. Booth # 6926
The TURBO-3000D™ creates a controlled turbulence in diesel fuel, which increases the surface area of fuel to oxygen in the combustion chamber. We guarantee the TURBO-3000D™ will increase fuel economy by 10 percent or your money back. The TURBO-3000D™ also reduces emissions and is fully patented. (877) 526-7728

Jet Company. Booth # 267
Jet Co. manufactures flatbeds and dropdecks. The trailers are offered in steel or steel/aluminum combination and in lengths from 40’-53’ long. These trailers are engineered for strength and reliability. Jet also manufactures steel and aluminum grain trailers in lengths of 22’, 26’, 30’, 34’ and 42’. The grain trailers feature the new patented round hopper.

Jones Manufacturing. Booth # 1076
The J-Lock lockable anti-theft storage and security system easily mounts nearly anywhere on your truck to safeguard your load locks when not in use. Five styles ensure that there’s a J-Lock especially suitable for your rig.

KVH Industries. Booth # 3468
KVH TracVision in-motion, automatic satellite television antennas will be on display at the America Trucker’s booth. Bring digital entertainment onboard with an award-winning, domed TracVision, available at retail prices starting below $1,500.

Knights Inn. Booth #9050
Truckers get more mileage for their lodging dollars at over 235 convenient Knights Inn locations from coast to coast. For the right people, the right service, and the right value, nobody covers truckers better. Call 1-800-THE KNIGHTS or visit knightsinn.com

Link Manufacturing. Suspensions Booth #4215
Stop by and see Link, the Suspension Specialist. This year you will see a new HiSTEER 900 pound model 9000 steerable liftaxle. This patent pending adjustable model will fit any standard truck configuration. A compact mounting envelope and on-board air tank attachments make this an incredible unit to stock, to install and to use. Also, don’t miss ULTRA RIDE, a brand new chassis air suspension for the Ford 350, 450 and 550 pickup trucks.

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.. Booth # 6330
Lucas Oil is again attending the Mid-America Trucking Show. Please stop by and visit us. Check out our line of heavy duty lubricants and additives, formulated especially for the commercial trucking market.

Luxura III Truck Mattresses. Booth # 6090
The best truck mattress ever! Truckers love the extra firm pillow top support. Designed to reduce lower backache, neck stress and provide lumbar support. All sizes avaialble. Call toll-free 877-752-0999. Stop by and say “Hi” to the girls from Hooters.

Mobil Lubricants. Booth # 5060
Mobil Delvac 1, a fully synthetic engine oil, is winning a loyal following. Mobil Delvac 1 delivers a number of performance advantages over conventional, mineral-based oils, including improving fuel economy up to 3 percent, extending drain intervals to 60,000 miles and beyond, and virtually eliminating engine wear. Delvac 1 also offers both increased protection in high temperature environments and better fluidity at low temperature for easier cold weather starts down to -50 F.

PBS Tax & Bookkeeping Service. Booth # 642
Trucking specialists, Barry and Howard, owners of PBS Tax and Bookkeeping Service have specialize in the trucking industry for 25 years providing expert tax preparation, cost effective bookkeeping solutions to IRS problems and incorporation services. They have developed Truck Books by Barry and Howard, bookkeeping software for owner-operators.

Pony Pack, Inc.. Booth # 961
The original and finest idle elimination system. It does everything your main engine does except move the truck and it will do it for about 90% less cost. Your profit margin deserves a boost because you’re an intelligent business operator. You want a Pony Pack®. Call Pony Pack today at 505-243-1381 or e-mail us at www.ponypack.com

PROHEAT. Booth # 5343
Get comfort and fuel savings with PROHEAT I.C.E., the only APU with more cooling, more heat, less noice and easy maintenance plus electricity to run your TV, fridge, computer, stereo. Discount program for OOIDA members. Visit us at our booth.

Quest Transportation Products. Booth # 397
Quest manufactures automated landing gear for trailers and straight trucks. Heavy-duty built-in systems also with hand held systems will be displayed and operated. Stop in and visit us. www.questproducts.net

Red Book Credit Services. Booth # 923
RBCS provides credit rating directories and online services designed for carriers handling produce and owner-operators who use truck brokers. www.rbcs.com

RigMaster Power. Booth # 6030
RigMaster Power is a complete stand-alone truck mounted generator set featuring 20,000 BTU’s of air conditioning, 12,000 BTU’s of heating, 25 amp alternator to keep batteries charged plus a 4000 watt 110-volt house current generator for appliances, tools or engine block heater. Special rebate offer for OOIDA members. Visit us at our booth or call 1-800-249-6222.

Road Law. Booth #3150/Lobby
Free consultation! All tickets, accidents, suspensions, DUI, DWI, OUI. Call 888-276-8000.

Shur-Co Tarps. Booth # 5390
Shur-Co, manufacturer of the Genuine Shur-Lok Roll Tarp, will be featuring its revolutionary design for the electric version of this watertight system. The Electric Shur-Lok for end dumps will be demonstrated and displayed along with other Shur-Co tarping systems including the Shur-Trak & Cover Pro Cable systems;the Heavy Duty Shur-Lok Roll Tarp, and Shur-Co’s full line of flatbed and lumber tarps. Also check out our everyday low prices on cargo control.

Spinner II Products. Booth # 1073
Spinner II® stops soot. A Spinner II high-speed oil cleaning centrifuge is the only way to effectively remove soot and contaminants as small as one-tenth of a micron. It has 10 times the dirt-holding capacity of ordinary filters, allowing you to maintain or extend drain intervals – all with unsurpassed engine protection. T.F. Hudgins, Inc. 1-800-231-SPIN. www.SpinnerII.com

Tarps4less.com. Booth # 8231
Tarps4less.com is the original online tarp store specializing in high-quality, American-made truck tarps and cargo controls for flatbed truckers. Offering a variety of in-stock popular tarp configurations, colors, low pricing, and FREE SHIPPING on everything we sell. Stop by and experience how safe and easy purchasing tarps on the Internet can be at the Tarps4less.com. Orders can also be placed by phone toll free at 877-US-4-LESS (877-874-5377).

TruckGen. Booth # 3109
Are fuel bills destroying your profits? TruckGen introduces its ultimate “Fuel Bill Killer” called the UCT1-3.5. Eliminate wasteful idling with this lightweight, ultra compact generator. Prices start at $3,495.

Truckit.com. Booth # 6933
Could Truckit.com benefit your business? If you are an owner-operator or carrier then the answer is yes! Truckit.com offers fleets of all sizes to participate in our online load matching service. Free wireless load alerts.

Weight-Right, Inc.. Booth # 494
Patented onboard axle scale weighs all axles and gives GVW. Monitors all suspension types and any combination on all trucks. New portable “Easy Air” available for fleets. More revenues! Automated Weight Distribution System for lift axles. Call 888-665-1123 today or come by our booth for more information.

Western Star Truck, Inc.. Booth # 4210/9100
Western Star Trucks is pleased to debut the new Constellation walk-through sleeper. With stand-up headroom from the driver’s seat back, the new Constellation is available in 62” or 76” configurations with a wide variety of comfort options. A lightweight 4964SX with 62” sleeper and severe service 6964SX coal hauler will also be displayed.

Zamzow Manufacturing Co.. Booth # 109
Visit our booth to check out our full line of tarp systems, cargo control products, storage boxes, side kits and accessories for the trucking industry. Zamzow will be displaying our new premier style aluminum storage boxes.