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Bulldog extends drain intervals

OOIDA members Jim and Narlene Patterson’s 1999 Mack Vision is an eye-catcher. The Diamond Blue tractor is enhanced by a flame design in varying shades of blue on the front. Murals of castles and wizards decorate the side and rear panels. But this Bulldog doesn’t live on its looks. The Pattersons and their Mack work hard for a living, racking up more than 206,000 miles in a little over 15 months. They pull office furniture in a 53-foot trailer for Mill Creek Transportation.

The Pattersons’ Mack is equipped with a 460-hp Mack E-Tech engine and an Eaton 13-speed transmission. Jim says the E-Tech engine gives them the power they need and still gets more than seven mpg. Mobil Delvac is their oil of choice, and they drain at 20,000-mile intervals. As yet they are not using oil analysis, but indicated they probably will in the future as the miles on the engine increase. Jim prefers to take his Mack to the dealership in Grand Rapids, MI, for PM service.

Jim has been driving a truck for more than 27 years, and has been an owner-operator for 17 years. Narlene got her CDL and climbed aboard two years ago. The Pattersons call Grandville, MI, home.