OOIDA board calls fuel surcharge legislation its top priority

Federal legislation that guarantees truckers a fuel surcharge during periods of uncertain fuel costs must be a part of the nation’s energy policy, says the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. The OOIDA board of directors, which convened early in May, named the pursuit of a fuel surcharge and the quest of related tax incentives as OOIDA’s current highest priority. Another issue that rated high on the board’s list of goals included continued opposition to mandatory black boxes.

At the annual meeting in May, the board of directors said "go for it" to at least six more lawsuits against carriers for abusing leased operators

Jim Johnston, president; Todd Spencer, executive vice president; Bob Esler, secretary; and Rick Craig, treasurer, met with the board of directors for the annual spring business meeting in Grain Valley, MO. The group tackled a slate of issues that the executive officers describe as an agenda calculated to positively shape small-business trucking.

The meeting was attended by 17 board members, two alternate board members, two honorary board members, and one affiliated associate member to address the association’s business at hand and importantly, nail down OOIDA’s top goals for the rest of the year. OOIDA general counsel Paul D. Cullen Sr. of The Cullen Law firm and four other attorneys from the firm joined the board. General Vice President Robert Driscoll was unable to attend.

One session of the meeting was devoted to reviewing the current status of more than a dozen of OOIDA’s active lawsuits. In addition, the board gave an enthusiastic nod to pursuing at least six more legal actions against motor carriers accused of illegal practices and abuse of leased operators. “Protecting the rights of owner-operators will continue to be the association’s top priority,” said Jim Johnston, OOIDA president.