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Truck racing USA style

Chuck Passmore, who was the founder of Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh, took me to my very first semi-truck drag race. It was 1977 at Keystone Raceway Park on Route 22 east of Pittsburgh. After many years of street, drag, road course and hill climb racing of Corvettes, I was amazed at the speed of the Class 8 trucks and how well the owner-operators could shift the gears while smoking the tires coming off the line.

At that time, I was not involved with the Cummins engines. However, I was in the management side of the trucking industry. After speaking with the owner-operators at the semi-truck drag race, it was clear to me that these men loved performance and have raced drag cars, stock cars, motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles during various stages of their life.

The Mike Gentile family of Pittsburgh, owners of a fleet of tri-axle dump trucks, also owned Keystone Raceway Park in New Alexandra, PA. They sponsored an annual semi drag race. Because of the generosity of the Gentile family I knew that the diesel engine business I was about to take over from Chuck Passmore was something I would enjoy for the rest of my life.

Twenty-three years later we have drag raced in the United States, the island of Malta, road raced in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and pulled sleds at county fairs all over the eastern United States. Do we love high performance diesel engines? You bet we do and we receive a tremendous amount of pleasure by making sure you are thrilled with the performance of your diesel engine.

Now it’s our turn to sponsor the first semi-truck drag race and it’s taking place in Salem, OH, on Aug. 18, 2001. OOIDA members Joe and Betty Jo Seaman of Eldridge, MO, owner-operators and semi-truck drag racers, are the promoters of 14 truck drag races in the eastern U.S. Call the Seamans at (417) 426-5918 for more information. Along with Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh, the other sponsors will be Lucas Oil, Advanced Exhaust Technologies, makers of the Liberator stainless steel muffler and the Minimizer; and Charge Air Products.

Even if you choose not to race your truck, please come and support the owner-operators that are racing and visit the booth of the sponsoring companies. We will have performance Cummins engine parts available along with the Pittsburgh Power diesel engine computers for the N-14 Cummins and the 3406 E Caterpillar engines. This computer will increase the horsepower by 175 over the stock engine.

Steve Heuser and the Liberator
Have you ever heard of the Liberator stainless muffler? Steve Heuser was raised in an apple orchard in Michigan. Steve, while attending Western Michigan University School of Engineering, came up with an idea of a noise cancellation device while sitting in a bar after class. While the thought was fresh in his mind, he drew on a napkin the first muffler with zero backpressure. Upon returning home, Steve went into his father’s fabrication shop and built the first Liberator for his father’s lawn mower. Happy with the performance and quietness of the mower, Steve set out to build much bigger units for bulldozers and over-the-road trucks.

Through a mutual friend, Steve met Bob Dekruyff, a retired engineering director from the truck division of General Motors. Steve’s design struck Bob as the simple design he and his engineering friends never thought of. When Bob saw the prototypes that Steve had built, he realized that most of the product development was completed. The Liberator muffler worked on lawnmowers, racing boats and cars, Class 8 trucks and bulldozers.

Their enthusiasm was the energy that created Advanced Exhaust Technologies. The Liberator did the rest of the work. Unlike most mufflers, the Liberator’s backpressure is second only to straight pipes.

My good friend Rich Deitz, who is the owner of Ideal Trucking in Pittsburgh, is testing the Liberator on a 2001 T-800 Kenworth equipped with an ISX 475 Cummins 10-speed over transmission and single exhaust. The T-800 is consistently getting one-half mile per gallon more than the sister truck, a 2000 T-600 ISX 475, 10-speed over with single exhaust with a stock muffler. When both trucks run west out of Pittsburgh, what you save in fuel is even greater. When the T-600 returns back to Pittsburgh in July there will be two Liberators on the truck.

We’ll look forward to seeing you in Salem on Aug. 18, 2001!

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