Line One
Roses & Razzberries

RAZZBERRY to a Michigan Department of Transportation supervisor in the road maintenance division who was busted recently for doing 70 mph in a construction zone. MDOT spokesman Ari Adler said the supervisor’s supervisor would be “contacting the individual to conduct counseling.”

Last year OOIDA member Thomas Collins bought a new truck. “Everything was perfect, right color, right engine,” he says, “...beautiful new truck.” Unfortunately, he says the ride was terrible. For the next year the service department of Midwest Kenworth of Kansas City, MO, exhausted every remedy and finally gave up on fixing it. Tom says they offered to trade him for a comparable truck and helped him spec it out. No money was exchanged. Tom wants to give a ROSE to John Porter, general manager, and to the service department of Midwest Kenworth who went out of their way for “a guy who just has one truck.”

OOIDA member Michelle Tyler applauds the New York Bridge Authority for their new marquee messages. While crossing the New Burgh Beacon Bridge on Interstate 84, Michelle and husband Joe Tyler noticed marquee signs leading up to the tollbooth. The first sign said, “Trucking is the backbone of America’s commerce.” The next sign told four-wheelers how much stopping distance they need. When Michelle commented on the signs, the tollbooth attendant told her that another sign said, “If you got it, a truck brought it.” Michelle wants to give the supervisor Scott Smith and his employees a ROSE.

When contamination shut down a Saskatchewan, Canada, town’s water supply, it wasn’t long before water was badly needed. A ROSE to trucker Bruce Paton of Fort Saskatchewan for his efforts to supply bottled water for the folks of North Battleford. Paton hit the phones looking for donations and hit paydirt when Calgary-based Canadian Springs offered 6,000 half-liter bottles. Then Sierra Springs in Edmonton offered 500 18.9 liter bottles of purified city water. Paton delivered water weekly until the city’s filtration system came back online.

Member Chad Jessup of Alturas, CA, takes issue with LL’s award of a RAZZBERRY to the Federal Way, WA, Flying J for allowing Dick Simon Trucking to use the truckstop for dropping trailers. Jessup says it does seem as though Simon should be renting space elsewhere, it works for him. “I have a schedule of all the minor league baseball games in the United States, and I call truckstops to see which ones will let me leave my trailer on their lot while I bobtail over to a game,” says Jessup. “The Federal Way Flying J grants me that permission.”