Bottom Line
Truckers Speak Out

Throwing in the towel
by Patrick Daniel Farley, Luxemburg, WI

Today after 24 years as an over-the-road driver, 15 as an owner-operator, I am to the point where I can no longer stand to even be in my tractor. I have had a really good run but can no longer deal with the rip-off artists who pose as brokers or the agents who lie even when telling the truth is easier. For the last three years I have been leased to one of the largest owner-operator companies in the country. During this period I have seen my hub mile revenue drop from $1.10 to 74 cents.

At a time when my company should have taken a stand to protect our revenue, they created a brokerage department and brokered out our best paying freight.

Now I will take my 24 years of safe driving experience and find a job away from long-haul trucking. Maybe a job driving a rock bucket and being home every night is in order.

There are a lot of things I am sure to miss. Driving up 93 from Kingman, AZ, towards the Hoover Dam as the sun goes down or across the top of Maine and having to stop while a moose takes a break in the middle of the road... There are a lot of wonderful people I will also miss. People from every corner of the country that I have had the pleasure of sharing a laugh. The good people in our industry far out number the bad. I pray that they will find success during the very hard times to come.

Experienced lawn mower driver wants trucking job
by Cindy Cegalis, Fombell, PA

This was kind of humorous. After waking up the other morning and turning on the channel 4 news in Pittsburgh, PA, they had safety guidelines for kids cutting the lawn. The guidelines for a riding lawn mower was set at 16 years old. It is so incredible that just after two years of driving a lawn mower, these teenagers could be hitting the open road in big trucks, if the laws change.