State Legislative Update

On Jan. 8, 2001, Sen. Marian Price, I-Lincoln, NE, introduced Legislative Bill 318 to lower truck speed limits from 75 to 65 mph on Nebraska's interstate highways. The bill is among 300 bills introduced in this legislative session that convened Jan. 6. Price's office expects the bill to be assigned to the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

The phone number at Sen. Price's office is (402) 471-2610. Her e-mail is

When the Nevada assembly sits down this month, state Assemblyman John Carpenter, of Elko, will be introducing a bill that would lower the highway speed limit for large trucks. Carpenter pre-filed the bill on Aug. 10, 1999, and it's been waiting since then on the state's list of bill draft requests for the 71st session.

The state legislature only convenes every two years and is scheduled to commence Feb. 5 and end no later than June 4. The bill draft request (BDR) no. 43-33 would restrict the speeds of large trucks.

Carpenter was inspired to craft the bill during one of Carpenter's highway trips to Idaho. Carpenter noticed on his trip that trucks were staying in the right lane. "I know I felt safer on that road than I do on Interstate 80," he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Carpenter attributed his pleasant drive to Idaho's 65-mph speed limit for large trucks. He would like to see the speed limit for trucks drop to 65 mph in Nevada, while leaving the speed limit for other vehicles at 75 mph.

To voice your opinion, you can phone Carpenter's office in Elko at (775) 738-9861, or e-mail him at

By the time LL is published, Dave Mayernik, a state representative from Allegheny County, PA, is likely to have introduced his bill restricting truckdrivers and some other drivers to hands-free mobile phones. Rep. Mayernik planned to introduce the legislation when session reopened on Jan. 23. The bill calls for a $100 fine, with no points against a driver's record unless an accident results from use of a mobile phone while driving. Rep. Mayernik can be reached at his office at (717) 783-1654.