Mysterious hero tracked down by truck number

When no one else would stop to help a frantic woman on Interstate 95 in North Carolina, OOIDA member Randy Waggoner stopped and saved the woman's choking father. After helping the choking man and calling 911, Waggoner left without giving his name to anyone.

The woman, known only as Jenny D., wrote a letter to The Trucker about this unsung hero without a name. The letter to the editor, which caught the attention of Georgeanne Beck, feature coordinator at The Trucker, included the only pieces of identifying information - a truck number and company name. Beck recognized the company name, O&S Trucking in Springfield, MO, and called her contact there. Tim Jenkins, vice president of human resources at O&S Trucking, looked up the truck number and had the driver's identity in seconds.

Waggoner is a 28-year-old father of four from Springfield, MO. He was pulling a load down I-95 in North Carolina on his way to Florida when he heard drivers talking on the CB radio about a woman waving her arms and flagging down traffic five miles ahead. Waggoner couldn't believe the other truckdrivers didn't stop to help the woman. He decided that he would stop if she was still there. Five miles later, he saw the car. She had given up hope of finding help and was running back to her car when Waggoner pulled onto the highway's shoulder.

"When nobody else would stop and I gave up, he came out of nowhere," Jenny D. said in her letter. "As I was walking back I noticed bright lights and a grumbling noise behind me. I turned to find a very large truck pulling onto the shoulder behind us. I saw the door open and up walked this tall slender young man."

Waggoner pulled Jenny's father from the car, wrapped his arms around him and squeezed. The piece of meat popped out and the man started breathing again. Waggoner helped him back into the car, went to his truck for a glass of water, and called 911 on his cellular phone.

When the emergency rescue unit arrived, Waggoner quietly got in his truck and headed down the highway to make his Florida delivery on time.

"There were two reasons I didn't stay," Waggoner told The Trucker. "I didn't have time to answer any questions, and someone else was in control, so I felt I wasn't needed. And, I was due for a delivery." After learning of Waggoner's heroic deed, Jenkins at O&S Trucking submitted Jenny D.'s letter to the Truckload Carriers Association, who presented Waggoner with a TCA Highway Angel award.

-René Tankersley