Dorgan says he'll pick up in Senate where House left off to bar unsafe Mexican trucks

U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) says he intends to attach to the Department of Transportation Appropriations bill, an amendment containing legislative language identical to an amendment approved last month by the U.S. House that bars Mexican trucks from hauling freight beyond the commercial zones.

On June 26, an amendment, introduced by Rep. Martin Sabo (D-MN) was adopted by the House flat out barring the trucks from operating here beyond the 20-mile zone by blocking the use of any tax dollars to issue safety permits required for truck operations in the United States. If the Senate approves a similar amendment, Dorgan says the action would make it highly unlikely that anyone would be able to remove the prohibition in a conference committee since legislative rules say identical language in House and Senate versions of bills cannot be altered by a conference committee.

The Senate appropriations measure is now working its way through the committee process. OOIDA is urging truckers to contact committee members and urge them to express their support.

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