Hot rides, hot times
The only thing hotter than the temperatures were the rides rolling down the Las Vegas Strip June 26-29 as 52 outstanding trucks came to compete a t the International Trucking Show (ITS) Show & Shine Truck Beauty Contest

by Suzanne Stempinski

While the dirt and grime were transferred from trucks to competitors, these rigs were gleaming examples of the pride drivers take in themselves and the trucking industry.

During the parade, heads turned and the casinos emptied as trucks with horns blaring and lights flashing made their way down Las Vegas Blvd. Once parked, the work continued all night long as the contestants slaved to remove every speck of dirt before the judges’ inspections. Morning came and the time for “rags down” was greeted with relief as the heat of the day climbed well above 100 F. Chrome and stainless became too hot to handle as the judges patiently and painstakingly evaluated interiors and exteriors, undercarriages and engines.

At the awards ceremony, the highlight was the Peoples Choice Award. Votes cost $1 each and in addition to raising money for Trucker Buddy, the recipients were really exceptional people. Philip and Theresa Ferneyhough of Parkers Lake, KY, have been truck show competitors for the past 12 years. But more important than competition, these OOIDA members have cooked and served literally tens of thousands of hot dogs to all who have walked the show lots and never charged a penny. About a year ago, Philip suffered a stroke and can no longer drive. However, it did not keep him from cooking his hot dogs at the Mid-America Trucking Show at Louisville.

The heat did prevent him from coming to Las Vegas this year. So Theresa, who’s been driving the truck solo, came to ITS. Fellow competitors said she did the best she could to clean the truck and compete without Philip and all agreed there was no doubt that if ever someone deserved a hand up, it was the Ferneyhoughs. For everything they’ve given, the crowd decided to give a little bit back. Some of the judges even donated their pay. As Theresa made her way to the podium to collect her award, the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

It made them all winners.

Stars & Stripes Presents the ITS Show & Shine Contest 
Las Vegas, NV - June 27-29, 2001

Class 1 - New truck combo (50,000 miles or less)
1st Rhett Butler Trkg/Larry Weaver - White muraled 2001 KW T2000
2nd Bedrock, Inc./Robert Hay - Burgundy 2000 Pete 379
3rd Stanley G. Silva, Jr. Trkg - Turquoise 2001 Pete 379 Transfer Dump

Class 2 - Combo - 1995 or newer
1st Vladimir Bilik Jr - Black 2001 Pete 379/Peterod
2nd G&R Transport/Joe Switzenberg - Red 1998 Pete 379/Foot Loose
3rd Curtis Christians - Black & red 2000 Pete 379

Class 3 - Combo 1986 - 1994
1st Rick Torres/Sandvik Trkg - Burgundy 1992 Pete 379/Delirious Desire
2nd Hank Gallegos - Purple & white 1990 KW W900B/Luscious
3rd Hank Gallegos - Green & white 1988 Pete 379/Mariah

Class 7a - Bobtail 2000 or newer
1st Ernie Devore/Brian “Hollywood” Shaw - 2001 Freightliner Classic XL/Taking Care of Business In Style
2nd WJK Trucking/William Kipp - Garnet red 2000 Pete 379
3rd James Cruikshank - Red, white & blue 2000 Western Star 5964

Class 7b - Bobtail 1995 - 1999
1st Russ & Debbie Brown - Purple & white 1999 KW W900L/Razor’s Edge
2nd Chuck Prigge/Sandvik Trucking - Purple & white 1996 Pete 379/Kaotic
3rd Steve & Melissa Woodard - Purple 1998 Pete 379

Class 8 - Bobtail 1975 - 1984
1st Mike Humphries/Leo Monteon - Yellow 1980 Pete 359
2nd Jimmy Magdaleno - Peach 1983 KW W900
3rd Ed Davis - White & yellow 1975 Pete 359

Class 9 - Bobtail 1985-1994
1st Watt Trucking/Ron Watt - Maroon 1988 Pete 379
2nd Tim Thornhill - Tan & red 1986 Pete 359
3rd Jake’s Crane/Ron Bunker - Yellow & purple 1985 Pete 359

Class 13 - Specialized
1st Stanley G. Silva, Jr. Trkg - Turquoise 1985 Pete w/EndDump
2nd Olympic Coatings/Joel Johnson - Green, silver & gold Ford F650
Road Warrior
3rd Bill Pierce - Deep red 1986 Pete 359 w/ black flatbed trailer

Class 14 - Professional show truck
1st Plycon Van Lines/Dean Pliaconis - White 2000 KW W900L
2nd Harry Hardin - Black 1985 Pete 359
3rd Dale & Connie Ison/Dale Ison Logging - 2000 KW T2000/DragonMaster

Class 16 - First show combination
1st GR Keegan/Brian Keegan - Teal & purple 1999 Pete 379/Showtime
2nd Jerry Reese - Red 2001 KW W900L
3rd Sheldon Cross/Mark Stitt - Teal 1996 KW W900L/Misfit

Class 18 - Custom paint & graphics bobtail
1st Chris Lewis - Blue & Pink 1999 Pete 379
2nd Dale & Tabytha Young - Bellflower 1999 Volvo VN770/Keeper of the Stars
3rd Orlando Colon - Green & tan 1998 Pete 379

Class 21a - Interior - cab only
1st Mike Humphries/Leo Monteon - Yellow 1980 Pete 359
2nd Chris Lewis - blue & pink 1999 Pete 379
3rd WJK Trucking/William Kipp - Garnet red 2000 Pete 379

Class 21b - Interior - OEM sleeper 
1st Vladimir Bilik, Jr - black 2001 Pete 379/Peterod
2nd Russ & Debbie Brown - purple & white 1999 KW W900L/Razor’s Edge
3rd Chuck Prigge/Sandvik Trkg - purple & white 1996 Pete 379/Kaotic

Class 21c - Interior - aftermarket sleeper
1st Steve & Melissa Woodard - Purple 1998 Pete 379
2nd Rick Torres/Sandvik Trucking - Burgundy 1992 Pete 379
3rd James Cruikshank - Red, white & blue 2000 Western Star 5964