Bottom Line
Trucker Perspectives
I love to hate those trucks

By William R. Boyd, Mount Pleasant, SC

From time to time we have people complaining (via the editorial page of our local paper) about trucks on our highways. Sometimes I respond to the paper, but this time I decided to go directly to the morning radio talk show that’s on during the morning commute. After a small intro I sent the following via e-mail:

“I Love (To Hate) Those Trucks”

They muscle their way onto the interstates, and you get stuck behind them going up the bridges and trying to get through intersections. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a commute without these behemoths of the highway? Well, your wish is granted; all trucks disappeared over the weekend, and now, it’s drive time.

Monday: Wow! What a great ride to work. I can probably sleep in tomorrow and still get to work on time. But, say, didn’t the salad bar at lunch today look a little lacking?

Tuesday: I didn’t think it could get any better, but I think there were even fewer cars on the road this morning. That could be because everyone who works where any type of material has to be received or shipped now has nothing to do, so they stayed home.

Wednesday: Have to brown bag today; not too many restaurants open. Good thing I filled up the car last weekend; most of the gas stations are also closed. But hey, what an easy drive.

Thursday: Hardly any traffic at all today. Kind of eerie. But, with most of the store shelves empty, businesses shutting down, and no gas to get you anywhere, this is the easiest commute ever.

Friday: Today is the ultimate commute. I don’t have to go to work, because I no longer have a job. The economy is in a total free-fall; and the greatest nation on earth, with the best transportation infrastructure in history, has been brought to it’s knees by an unthinking, uncaring, unthankful motoring public who can’t suffer a little inconvenience on their way to work.

Remember, everything you own traveled on a truck at least once, probably several times, before you got it. So, next time you’re stuck in traffic behind that big truck, maybe you should get out, go up to the driver, and thank him/her for the great job they are doing for America.

Nah, it’s just easier to blame them for all your commuting woes.