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“Liberating” experiences

While sitting in the restaurant of a truckstop, have you ever heard "You're not going to believe this one?” Well, here is a story for you about the "Liberator” muffler, manufactured by Advanced Exhaust Technologies.

Several months ago we wrote about this 100 percent stainless steel muffler. At that time, Rich and Mike Deitz, owners of Ideal Trucking based out of Pittsburgh, had just taken delivery of a new 2001 T-800 Kenworth. With no loaded miles on the new KW, Bill Rearick, the maintenance superintendent, removed the stock muffler and installed the Liberator. Driver Bob Touchtone immediately loved the deep throaty sound coming through the muffler of the 475 horsepower ISX Cummins engine. Even though this muffler was for testing purposes only, Touchstone informed us that we are not getting this muffler back. He now has logged 29,000 miles on the T-800 KW pulling mostly flatbed trailers. Touchstone has averaged 6.89 miles per gallon and he doesn't drive slowly.

Now to put this into perspective, Ideal Trucking also owns a 2000 T-600 Kenworth driven by Bob Franceck. Both trucks have an ISX 475 Cummins, 3:70 rears 10-speed overdrive transmission, single stack, and low pro 24:5 tires.

The overall average of Franceck's T-600 is 5.9 mpg. Even when the two trucks are pulling identical loads and the drivers are following each other the T-800 with the Liberator muffler constantly gets 1 mpg better fuel mileage. By the time you read this Francek's T-600 KW will be sporting a new Liberator muffler. We will inform you as to any fuel mileage increase he may note.

Another Liberator muffler story you may not believe: Joe Seaman, the key man for promoting semi-truck drag racing in the United States, has a Peterbilt with an NTC 400 Cummins highly modified for drag racing with straight stacks. Joe consistently turns 17.01 seconds in the quarter mile. We are having trouble believing this, but after Joe installed two Liberator mufflers on his Pete, he now turns a consistent 16.75. That's a quarter second faster using mufflers as opposed to straight stacks.

Seaman is promoting the drag race that we are involved with at Salem, OH, on Aug. 18, 2001. Come on out and see the Liberator-Peterbilt race. Meet the people from Advanced Exhaust Technologies, Charge Air Concepts, Lucas Oil, and Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh. We will have our Pittsburgh Power computers on hand for the Celect and Celect Plus N-14 engines. With a little luck, we might have the 3046E performance computer ready.

We are in need of two owner-operators who run local in the Indianapolis area. One truck needs to be equipped with a 3406E CAT engine and the other with a Celect Plus Cummins. Periodically, our engineers will need to mount the master computer on the truck and ride with you for a few hours to monitor various functions of our performance computers. We will make your time worthwhile.

Dodge Cummins Pickups: This is the first time we have written about this great truck in a Class 8 truck magazine. However, we have driven, owned and hot rodded the "B” 5.9 Cummins since its inception in 1989. It was a joint effort between Diesel Injection and a few performance Cummins engineers that made possible all of the performance parts available for the "B” 5.9 engine.

Whether it's in a pickup truck, motor home, boat or industrial equipment, the engine lives very comfortable with an additional 80 to 100 hp. The stock "B” engine in a Dodge has a base horsepower of 160 and now a top horsepower of 245. The mechanical engines were 160 to 215 hp and with our engine enhancements for working pickups, the horsepower would increase from 280 to 320 hp. By the way, we have never had a "B” or "C” 8.3 liter engine fail when properly set up by our technicians. For pickups that were toys not towing heavy trailers, we are able to extract 400 hp from the 5.9-liter Cummins engine.

With a change of pistons, camshaft, injectors, extensive fuel pump work and turbocharger 550 hp is available. In the next several articles, we will talk about the 5.9 and 8.3 liter Cummins.

Hope to see you at the Dallas truck show Sept. 7-9.

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