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Our new high performance computer for the N-14 Celect Cummins engine is now ready for your truck. The Celect engine was produced from 1992 through 1995. The Celect Plus engine began production in 1996. Testing has begun on the computer for this engine along with one for the 3406E Caterpillar engine. After developing high performance Cummins parts since 1977, Diesel Injection of Pittsburgh, PA, is now expanding to cover Cat electronic engine computer upgrades. We plan to have a product ready for release some time within the next 12 months. Keep an eye on my articles for the upcoming details.

The performance computer will be called "Pittsburgh Power." Measuring 7"x7", the computer must be mounted inside the cab with an LED readout attached by Velcro to the top of the instrument panel. This will display turbo boost, exhaust gas temperature (EGT/pyrometer reading) and estimated horsepower. When the engine reaches 1300 degrees, the computer will cut back on the added horsepower until the EGT drops back to less than 1300. In addition, there are six green lights spanning the bottom of the display panel. Each lights up to show that the injector it represents is receiving additional fuel.

The LED readout will also have a selection dial with seven positions. Setting "0" signifies that the computer is turned off while the others increase horsepower in increments of 20. This boils down to a maximum increase of 20 of 140 hp. For example, an engine rated at 460 hp will now be able to achieve 480 hp at setting number one, 500 hp at setting number two and so on until setting number seven, where it will max out at 600 hp. While driving in snow, heavy traffic, fog, rain, off-highway or if excitement levels become uncomfortable, simply turn the knob back to zero where your engine will once again run at stock specs.

At idle, the computer renders the engine back to stock fuel settings. There will be absolutely no smoke exiting the stacks at idle because no additional fuel will be delivered to the engine. As pressure is applied to the throttle and the turbocharger begins to develop boost, the computer will turn itself on and begin to add fuel at 1/2 lb. of boost. Say goodbye to the turbo lag. Your foot will feel as though it's connected to a mechanical injector pump. As you push, so shall you accelerate. Your driving pleasure will be enhanced with Pittsburgh Power.

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