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In the spring, two big events happen in Louisville, KY. The Run for the Roses, in which expensive horses give it their all for posterity and ladies in huge hats, and the Mid-America Trucking Show, in which the trucking trade gives it their all for expensive horses wearing lights and chrome. If you have never attended this spectacular show, you owe it to yourself as a professional trucker to experience it.

It is at this show that truckers are gods. Exhibitors will go to absolutely any lengths to get just 30 seconds of a trucker's attention. From gorgeous models in evening gowns to Big Foot, every exhibit is designed to turn your head. For entertainment, the Beach Boys, Alabama and Brooks and Dunn will put on a show just for you. And giveaways? It's one big grab bag. More than 76,000 people were registered attendees. If you did not make this event, this issue offers an insider's report with photos on page 42.

OOIDA and Land Line sent a delegation of staffers, headed by OOIDA President Jim Johnston. Thanks to all for signing our petition calling for the implementation of a mandatory fuel surcharge. More than 5,300 truckers signed in support of our proposed measure and we're pleased to report that this proposal is getting a close look on Capitol Hill. (Story on page 20)

Columnist Ellen Voie ("Marriage in the Long Run") was on hand for the show. Ellen has been named the new executive director of Trucker Buddy International. Details on Trucker Buddy's reorganization and plans for the future on page 68.

Land Line's technical editor, Paul "Hot Air" Abelson, also enjoys being active in the Trucker Buddy organization. Sometimes, however, he works for a living. See "Total vehicle wheel alignment" on page 32 and "Swapping gears - automated transmissions" on page 63.

Bruce Mallinson, another popular LL columnist ("High Performance Diesels") reported that truckers he visited with at the show really liked his article on retiring. We've had dozens of letters and e-mails as well asking for details. So more from Bruce on pulling an RV with a class 8 truck on page 76.

Also in this issue

Updates on OOIDA's second class action against Rocor (allegations of 13th Amendment violations?) plus more truth-in-leasing violation alleged in Ledar complaint. Also Flying J surcharge - is it a thing of the past? All on page 16, 17 and 18.

The used truck market? The Mother of All Gluts. If reverse sticker shock has you seeing a big neon sign in your head flashing CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and you think you want to buy, you need to read Jason Cisper's article on page 36, "Look before you leap."