Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association now has more than 50,000 members

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association announced March 28 that it has recently passed the 50,000 membership mark. "The continued growth in the Association's membership is directly related to the proliferation of discriminatory practices against the professional trucker within the industry and OOIDA's proven success in meeting these challenges on behalf of our members," said Jim Johnston, president of OOIDA.

"The association currently has several landmark legal cases pending involving such issues as truth-in-leasing regulation violations and illegal lumping practices," said Johnston. "We also have celebrated victories over several states, most notably Alabama and Tennessee where serious injustices to truckers were contested."

Noting that membership has nearly doubled in the past five years and that OOIDA currently adds more than 1,000 members per month, Johnston went on to reiterate the Association's dedication to serving the needs of a large supportive membership willing to fight for what is right.

Johnston also reported that the increased purchasing power of the association's growing membership has enabled OOIDA to negotiate more favorable and affordable insurance and financial products for members and allowed OOIDA to offer more and more business services to assist members.