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Tax planning and purchasing smart

In the March edition of Land Line, we asked you to tell a bit about your tax planning habits. We wanted to know if your accountant is familiar with the trucking industry. Eighty-two percent answered yes. Only 18 percent used accountants unfamiliar with the business.

We asked if you pre-plan periodically with your accountant to make smarter purchasing decisions. Fifty-six percent said yes. Nearly 44 percent said they did not.

To those who said no, we asked how major purchases were determined. The largest responding group (54 percent) said "when needed." The next largest group (24 percent) said, "when the money is available." Seventeen percent said they determined major purchases according to a business plan and less than 10 percent cited "other factors."

We asked who tracks your monthly expenses. A whopping 71 percent reported handling it themselves. Twenty-nine percent said spouse or girlfriend (or other). Only 19 percent said a professional accountant tracked their monthly expenses.

To those that tracked their own spending habits, we asked if they used PCs to do it. Fifty-three percent said yes, 47 said no.

Are brokers paying you more now?

In view of the escalating fuel prices, we surveyed readers regarding brokers in the April issue. To the question of "Are brokers paying more now?"

- owner-operators were almost evenly split. Thirty percent said yes, 40 percent said no and 30 percent said sometimes. Of the respondents who were owner-non drivers or fleet owners, a resounding 100 percent said no.