Member views
It is difficult to imagine that the many years of research and the millions of dollars spent on reviewing and revising the current hours-of-service regs would result in a proposed new rule that fails to please anyone. However, since the public announcement May 21, we've yet to hear a favorable review. Here are some typical opinions offered up by a cross-section of OOIDA members:

Dennis Marcott, Owen, WI

"I can't see taking 12 hours off at a time on the road. We will have less time at home. Also 10 hours off is too much. I can't stay in bed that long, besides, we sure as hell won't be able to afford a room . it is hard enough to make a living now. I think our leaders need to think more about getting us some fuel surcharges. I believe if the hours of service goes through, there will be more trucks on the road to handle the freight, and none of them will make a living, unless the rates go up a lot. So all in all, we are looking at more cost to the consumer."

Ken Lenon, Centralia, IL

"I get by OK on the 12 and 12 or I can see going to a 12-hour day with a ten-hour break. The ten-hour rest won't work for me. I drive a lot of loads overnight and a lot of JIT so a day driving schedule would never work for me. Carriers push you now, what if you are out of hours and they have to send another truck to finish your run. That cuts into their profit. Here's one for you. What if the black box says you are out of hours and shuts down the truck in traffic? I understand a few big companies have that option on their trucks. And if a black box means I can't be home when I only have a few miles to go, well, I think you will see a lot of abandoned trucks by the side of the road."

Joan Kasicki, Cleveland, OH

"I think everybody should be able to split sleeper berth time. A solo driver can get just as much sleep in five hours as a team driver can."

Eric Beck, Little Rock, AR

"Not so much the split 10, but the long weekend. We can deal with 10 on and 10 off and 12 on and 12 off - not 36 off and all that time to restart. I don't want to get stuck 200 miles or even 50 miles from home spending money if I don't have to. As for the black box, people are not robots, we are self-accountable. I'm satisfied with the hours of service the way they are now; I've run that way for so long."

Bryan Oberholtzer, Manheim, PA

"Trucking today makes no sense at all. Regulating those long and short weekends is a wacko idea. You tell me how refreshed I would be if I was stuck for 32 hours laying around a truckstop, walking back and forth, bored to death, frustrated? The best rest is at home.

If they make the black box the law, that will end it for me, even if it's free. I have been trucking for 18 years. I've got two million miles on the road with no accidents. I think I have earned the right to be trusted. Once you've proven yourself, doesn't it make sense that the government just leave us alone?"

Ray Shankle, Deerfield, MN

"The new proposal should have split hours for a solo operator. A split 10 is a lot more logical. It would benefit a solo driver a lot more than a team. The driver is the only one who can tell you when he's tired. No matter what they do, it will be an artificial environment for the driver, even if it stays as it is."