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Oil, engines, & owner-operators
Running with the big (bull)dogs

Robert Hall, OOIDA member from Knoxville, TN, operates a 1997 Mack CH with a 13-speed transmission and more than 350,000 miles on his E7-427 Mack engine. He does PMs every 18,000 to 20,000 miles, even though Mack allows 25,000-mile drain intervals.

"I know I could go to 25,000 miles," Robert says. "But I'm hoping that I can make the engine last a little longer by being more conservative."

Robert chooses Shell Rotella T to keep his bulldog running right and has the oil analyzed every third drain. "It's just good sense to analyze your oil," he tells Land Line. "It's the cheapest insurance you can buy to protect your engine. When you can catch little problems and keep them from becoming big problems, you avoid expensive repair bills and downtime. I don't know anybody that makes any money sitting on the side of the road."

Robert has been trucking for 43 years and an owner-operator for seven. He pulls a dry van for Saturn Transportation out of St. Paul, MN, primarily hauling store fixtures. Robert has plans in the works for adding more comfort to his ride. He's looking into the possibility of stretching his sleeper out another 27 inches.

"You can catch little problems and keep them from becoming big problems"